Good Fountain Players To Perform "Men On Boats"

Good Fountain Players To Perform

Fontbonne's Good Fountain Players are thrilled to present Men On Boats to the community this weekend.  Men On Boats is a wild adventure set in 1869 on the Green and Colorado Rivers. A group of ten explorers led by John Wesley Powell, a one-armed Civil War veteran, embark on a government sanctioned journey to discover a “Big Canyon.” On their way friendships are formed, patience is tested, supplies become scarce and often lost along with boats to raging rapids. The bond of brotherhood is tried and tested as they are forced to choose between braving each rapid and risking their lives or leaving the pack and risking the unknown wilderness. This dramedy captures all the bravery, determination, and fortitude of these daring men. Based on Powell’s published journals, Jacklyn Backhaus has provided us with a glimpse into the expedition from an entirely unique perspective.

Come join the Good Fountain Players as they navigate rapids, sit around the campfire, and name mountains after themselves. This could be the greatest expedition ever, or it “could be disastrous!” Either way, join Student Director Grace Doyle and Stage Manager Fiona McDonald and the incredible cast of Men On Boats as they  embark on an adventure of a lifetime!