Student: Anne Accime
Title: Denial of Citizenship for Immigrants in the U.S.

Synopsis: I am focusing on the denial of citizenship for immigrants migrating to the United States. Immigrants migrate to the U.S. in search of a new home upon fleeing from their native country to escape persecution, economic devastation, political oppression, gang violence, and so much more.

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Student: Patricia Cadogan
Title: Air Pollution

Synopsis: Air pollution has affected millions of people globally. It has destroyed so many people's lives and neighborhoods. It's time to help those with limited access, and stand up to those ignoring it. The focus of my project is a google slideshow as my action plan to educate those on air pollution and what they can do to shrink their own carbon-footprints.

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Student: Abigail Jean-Michel
Title: Missing and Murdered Native & Indigenous Women

Synopsis: My project is about missing and murdered Native and Indigenous women in the US. My project talks about the societal factors that have been causing these issues and what we can do to change them.

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Student: Sarah Joseph
Title: Racial Disparities in Healthcare Towards Black Women

Synopsis: My topic is how systematic racism has impacted the healthcare system negatively. I’m primarily focusing on how black women are more likely to have issues and not receive good treatment during pregnancies than any other race. Systemic racism and poor healthcare outcomes have been prevalent since slavery.

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Student: Irene Kelly
Title: The Neglect Veterans Face

Synopsis: My topic is on the neglect veterans face when it comes to having a home to live in, access to mental health care, acceptance into jobs, lack of access to employment-based health insurance plans, physical conditions, and suicide rates. The neglect that veterans face is a broken relationship between veterans and people in society where people do not fully recognize the struggles that veterans face when they return home.

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Student: Keegan McCarthy
Title: Children with Disabilities and the Education System

Synopsis: I focused my project on the injustices that disabled children go through to find proper, affordable education in the U.S.

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Student: Regine Medor
Title: Police Brutality

Synopsis: This project focuses on the aggression and harsh violence inflicted on African-Americans in particular by America's law enforcement.

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Student: Alicia Ward
Title: The Ambiguity of the 13th Amendment

Synopsis: My social justice project highlights the loophole inside the 13th amendment in which the amendment still allows slavery and involuntary servitude of those in prison. As a result of this ambiguity, many incarcerated African Americans suffer from being treated like slaves; forced into penal labor and face other abuse, even in present day prisons.

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