Student: Leighanna Broome
Title: Teen Pregnancy in the Foster Care System

Synopsis: Teen mothers in foster care do not have access to proper medical care which results in a lack of prenatal care as well as personal health.

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Student: Sydney Browder
Title: Unfair Treatment of Immigrants in the US

Synopsis: My project focuses on how difficult life is for people who are migrating to the United States before they come into the country, and then how difficult life continues to be for immigrants once they are in the country.

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Student: Madeleine Manno
Title: Stop the Shock on Austic People

Synopsis: The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center (JRC) in Canton, Massachusetts is the only learning center in the United States to utilize shock therapy. Children are being tormented and traumatized for actions they can not control. Inflicting pain on an individual in order to “cure” them of autism is not only ineffective, but a harmful act.

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Student: Anna Marini
Title: Better Funding for Mental Health Care

Synopsis: One in four (25%) Americans report having to choose between getting mental health treatment and paying for daily necessities.

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Student: Tiffany Ngige
Title: Racial Disparities in the Healthcare System

Synopsis: My project tackles the inaccessibility of healthcare within the Black community in the United States. My research asks where this inequity stems from and dives into the origin of systemic racism.

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Student: Helen Osunsanya
Title: The Mistreatment of Female Migrant Workers

Synopsis: I based my social justice project on migrant women working in the United States and the poor treatment they endure within the workplace. This issue is significant because it involves taking advantage of and harming the vulnerable.

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Student: Veronica Phillips
Title: Anti-Semitism in America

Synopsis: Learn about the history of anti-semitism, as well as what you can do to help combat it!

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Student: Alexis Ramsay
Title: Bias Within the Immigration System

Synopsis: My social justice project is about how many immigrants to the United States are unable to qualify for citizenship. To this day, immigrants that attempt to migrate from Muslim, African, and Latin American countries are often denied citizenship. Preferential treatment is often given to those who have specialized training, education, and come from various European countries.

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Student: Emily Russell
Title: The Abuse of Female Dancers

Synopsis: My project is about the mistreatment of female dancers. There are many forms of abuse, which are not brought up. My project helps people realize this is a problem and how people can help.

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Student: Helena Sabbagh
Title: Human Trafficking: An Action for Defeat

Synopsis: Human trafficking has been in our world for decades now. My project will talk about the expansion throughout the years and my action towards women empowerment through self defense classes.

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Student: Isabella Tatem-Welch
Title: Lack of Accessibility for Non-Cisgender Students

Synopsis: My social justice project is reflective of the need for all-gender bathrooms in school and how transgender students are affected when they are deprived of such accessibility.

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