Student: Laura Barron
Title: Mistreatment of Immigrants in Detention Centers

Synopsis: How illegal immigrants are treated in detention centers.

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Student: Ananya Barton-Shiner
Title: Beauty Standards and their Impacts on Young Women and Girls

Synopsis: Society has set unrealistic standards of beauty for women and young girls since ancient Greek and Rome, making them feel that they need to go to extreme lengths to be considered pretty. These standards are constantly changing; there is no way for women to consistently meet societal views of what is beautiful.

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Student: Sheneika Desrosiers
Title: The American Nightmare: Discrimination Against Immigrants in the US

Synopsis: Everyday, innocent immigrants are subject to unfair bias and bigotry based on harmful stereotypes. This mistreatment is not only a social injustice, but it is a sin that goes against Biblical teachings of hospitality. We as a society are faced with the challenge to better ourselves and each other by being educated on such a detrimental issue, which is why I decided to shed light on this topic for my social justice project.

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Student: Kathryn Gentile
Title: Mistreatment of Neurodiverse Students in Schools

Synopsis: Neurodiverse students experience significant mistreatment in schools. They are denied the same opportunities as their neurotypical peers. They have their disability accommodations denied and ignored, and they are looked down upon.

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Student: Ava Hanley
Title: The Trafficking of Immigrant Peoples in the U. S.

Synopsis: Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. In the United States, tracfficked persons are mainly undocumented, migrant/immigrant women coming to the U.S. for work.

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Student: Olivia John
Title: Reducing Recidivism For A Brighter Future

Synopsis: The inequities and lack of support within the criminal justice system contribute to the cycle of incarceration that an individual may be faced with. I am looking to educate others on the injustices relating to re-entry and recidivism in hopes of uniting communities.

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Student: Emma Paparazzo
Title: Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living

Synopsis: Our loved ones and innocent elders are experiencing various forms of violence and abuse in assisted living places and nursing homes. Some elders are subjected to severe physical abuse or long-term neglect.

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Student: Eileen Rezendes
Title: Food Insecurity In the United States

Synopsis: I researched how food insecurity has evolved over the past hundred years and the root causes that keep food insecurity an injustice in the United States.

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