The backbone of our students’ intellectual development and success is our faculty and staff. Expert and student-centered, they passionately invest themselves in the spiritual, emotional, physical, and social well-being of your daughter.

Our curriculum in 9th and 10th Grades focuses on building the foundational skills we have identified as necessary for your daughter’s success in the Early College program.  

In addition to Early College courses and experiential learning in 11th and 12th Grades, we also support varied and best-in-class college preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement programming, as well as challenging and mind-opening electives.


How We Teach

Evidence-based research demonstrates that how we teach her is just as important to a student’s individual development as what we teach her. 

We are focused on more than just programming.


Student- Centered Learning

Student-Centered Learning is an educational philosophy and collection of teaching and learning strategies which align with and reinforce our mission. We guide your daughter to provide her with the tools to become the architect of her own learning. Our campus-wide culture is also student-centered in the most powerful of ways, in that we consistently affirm the individual dignity, worth, and unique persona of your daughter, encouraging her to value herself, use her voice, and seek positive relationships within and beyond our school community.


Interdisciplinary & Project-based Learning

Students learn best when they make connections across disciplines and actively engage with course material. This is why our faculty prioritize interdisciplinary and project-based learning, intentionally and programmatically building these experiences into your daughter’s daily curriculum. 


Brain-based Learning

In addition to calibrating our approach to her one-in-seven billion individuality, our faculty continuously apply best practices and new thinking in Brain Research, Education, Neuroscience, and Psychology to inform and enhance how we teach your daughter.