Student: Kamilah Deslouches
Title: Discrimination Against Black Americans In Healthcare

Synopsis: Medical racism in the United States has affected the black community since the Emancipation Proclamation. Though this issue affects a large amount of the American population, it is rarely mentioned in the media, therefore leading to a lack of awareness. This project is my way of advocating for silenced black voices.

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Student: Sophia Estee
Title: Autism Acceptance

Synopsis: My social justice project focuses on the injustices that people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder face in today’s society. How it has been going on for centuries and happens anywhere, including classrooms and workplaces. I focus on the lack of accessible and reliable tools as well as what we can do to help.

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Student: Emily Ferro
Title: Voter Suppression in the United States

Synopsis: By examining the 400 year history the United States has with voter suppression, we can begin to dissect the issue in the modern day and understand how it can be alleviated.

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Student: Ava Lundbohm
Title: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Bleeding

Synopsis:  My project explores the oppression of menstruators throughout the world. There are many different challenges menstruators face including learned shame and economic discrepancies, not to mention intersectionalities such as sexism and transphobia. Check out my website to learn more about the oppression of menstruators and what you can do to help.

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Student: Grace Manning
Title: The Oppression of Indigenous Peoples in North America

Synopsis: Native populations across North America have been suffering at the hands of society and government policies. Due to a lack of basic human resources, strong roots in racism, and much more, Indigenous peoples have been long oppressed and overlooked. My project will explore these inequalities and how to combat them today.

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Student: Ariana Morales
Title: The Mistreatment of Women Refugees

Synopsis:  This project is about the mistreatment that women refugees have been facing for many years while attempting to seek safety at refugee camps around the world. By educating others my hope is to spread awareness and help to shed light on what people can do to help relieve women of the harsh conditions they encounter and make a difference in women's lives across the world.

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Student: Ava Petrosino
Title: Healthcare No Fair: Exploring Racial Inequities in the US Healthcare System

Synopsis: My project explores how the current US healthcare system, built on the ideals of white supremacy, affects Black patients today. Black patients are not receiving the same quality of healthcare as their White counterparts as they are less likely to receive necessary treatments and more likely to die of many diseases.

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Student: Margaret Smith
Title: Dyslexia and the lack of accessibility to resources

Synopsis:  My project focuses on Dyslexia and the lack of easily accessible resources for those who have Dyslexia. Dyslexia is made out to be very uncommon when in actuality it’s very common and resources should be accessible to everyone who needs them.

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Student: Nashla Suero-Polanco
Title: Educating on Othering

Synopsis:  My social justice project focuses on teaching people about the consequences that othering and ingroups have in society, particularly on people with disabilities. Othering shapes people's perspectives of themselves as "aliens". We can prevent othering from disrupting peace and being a societal injustice by opening our hearts and brains to comprehending what it is and its' impact on people.

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