Our School Counseling Team supports each student holistically. We foster personal, academic, and social growth by providing social-emotional counseling, academic advising, and career and college exploration and planning. 

Our work with each student encompasses:


Social and Emotional Support

A student develops a relationship with her counselor through one-on-one meetings throughout the school year. We maintain an open-door policy where she is encouraged to stop by at any time. We assist with peer-issues, promoting positive mental health and life skills, crisis management, and more. As relationship is at the heart of our mission, we consider it essential to develop and foster meaningful relationships with her parents or guardians.


Academic Advising

Our Counselors ensure she is maximizing her academic potential, and challenging herself inside and outside our learning spaces. In addition to collaborating with her to choose her courses, we also aid in resolving academic difficulties through study skill help, accessing extra help, progress reports, and building time management tools. 


Guidance Curriculum

In 9th Grade: We help her focus on transitioning to high school, conflict resolution, and building healthy relationships and a strong self-identity. 

In 10th Grade: She uses results from an aptitude and interest inventory test to research a career that might be a potential fit for her aspirations. She researches colleges that may help her be successful in that potential career. At the end of the semester, she makes a presentation on this potential career path and two potential college destinations. 

In 11th Grade: She is working on the college application process, to include creating a standardized test plan, creating a resume, developing her essay topic, practicing interviews, and training on Naviance (a very common application App). 

In 12th Grade: She is completing individual college applications while receiving guidance on topics like financial aid and stress management. 

Transcript/Graduation Verification Requests
Alumnae in need of a copy or copies of their Fontbonne Transcript or an organization/company in need of a Graduation Verification can easily fill out THIS FORM and your requests will be processed.