We recognize technology for its ability to both enhance learning and paradoxically inhibit it. We are aware and vigilant of our students’ natural desire to leverage technology in place of meaningful written or spoken communication. 

Our faculty and staff model how best to apply technology to communicate and accelerate research and the gathering of reliable information to inform one’s ability to think critically.

Access and Infrastructure

Our school supports a direct fiber optic line to maximize connection speeds and eliminate drop-offs.

We maintain a dedicated IT professional on staff.

Chromebooks and BYOD

Beginning with their 9th Grade orientation, all students receive a dedicated Fontbonne email address.

100% of students utilize Chromebooks or their own devices.

Curriculum Development

Our commitment to integrating technology into the classroom has enabled us to provide courses like AP Graphic Design.


Students and Parents can access work and assignments through our online Learning Management System.

We are facilitating select certifications for faculty and staff for platforms like Google.

We are designing a plan to remodel our learning spaces to meet the needs of our Early College initiative.