Fontbonne’s Early College model offers a student-centered learning environment that is collegiate in curriculum, pedagogy, culture, and student life experience. 

Our 7th and 8th grade program allows students to take advantage of all of the Early College opportunities, including the social emotional development, executive functioning and academic strategy skills needed to excel in grades 9 - 12. Early College emphasis enables us to programmatically maximize the 11th and 12th Grader’s ability to attain transferable college credit while cultivating those distinct characteristics, attributes, and skills she would have otherwise acquired during her freshman or sophomore year in college.  It also provides our students across grades with access and ongoing  learning opportunities  through athletics, internships, dual-enrollment as well as co-curricular activities. 

Advantages of Fontbonne’s Early College: 

  • Early College Students receive Individualized attention and support throughout their 7-12 high school years

  • Early College Students are equipped with the skills to create their own future.

  • Early College students have greater success in both high school and college. 

  • Early College students are more likely to earn their college degree within 3-4 years of college.

  • Early College students benefit from a college tuition reduction through earned college credits

Please take a few minutes to review the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Early College. Additionally, Barbara Ryder, our Assistant Head of School for Academics, is pleased to respond to your questions via email at bryder@fontbonneboston.org or schedule a time to speak by phone.


Early College FAQ's