With 722 seats, our newly refurbished and re-imagined CSJ Center has become a regional magnet for Performing Arts, Conferences, Lectures, Debates, Choral and Dance Recitals, and many other community-building activities.

Some noteworthy features include all new ergonomic seating; air conditioning; new lighting and sound systems; a massive, on-stage projection screen; electronic window treatments; new stage floor; dressing areas; new electrical systems; assisted listening headsets; an accessible entryway and vestibule; and more. There are also new restroom facilities within the Center itself.   

More than just a well-designed piece of architecture on our campus, the Center is a magical place where a girl can discover new talents, express her creativity, and share her art with classmates, family, friends, and the Greater Boston community.

The CSJ Center is available for rent. To tour our facility or for more information about the CSJ Center, please contact Jen O'Brien at jobrien@fontbonnecademy.org.