Health and Wellness

We are a pioneer of Wellness and Health programs in Massachusetts. 

In fact, during the 2017-2018 school year, our own Ellen Sullivan and Keri McPhillips were named Health and Wellness Coordinators of the Year by the MIAA for consistently delivering innovative, high-quality programming to our school community. 

Speaking of Ellen, The Ellen Sullivan Wellness Center at Fontbonne is much more than just a space to lift weights or improve your cardio. This Center is dedicated to inspiring all students live a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle. 

Staffed by certified personal trainers and experts in fitness and health, we encourage each student to help us help her achieve her personal health goals. We even offer daily workout plans for general fitness. 

We take Wellness so seriously that both Health and Physical Education are required courses.

Health Education

We teach a student to create balance in her busy life through self-care that focuses on fitness, nutrition, stress management, and self-advocacy. By building her knowledge, skills and positive attitudes, our curriculum motivates a student to improve her current level of health and reduce high-risk behaviors. 

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program teaches a girl the basic - but so important - principles of exercise to promote immediate and lifelong physical fitness. While participating in a variety of activities and sports, she will also build skills in communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.