Welcome to our 2023 Social Justice Fair website page! The Grade 12 students in Theology IV and Liberty, Justice & Security classes have completed their yearlong capstone project focused on a specific social justice issue. Their task was to research an issue of interest and apply their critical thinking skills to address its historical roots and the people it impacts.  Using the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, they determine a concrete solution and act of advocacy to make a difference in the world today. 

Each project demonstrates the fruits of a four-year Fontbonne education as one that prepares our graduates to be critical thinkers and effective communicators. In addition to the 20-page paper they have written, the Social Justice Fair provides students with a platform to present what they have learned to the Fontbonne community and guests. 

Alix Abelard
Haitis Hidden Injustice

My topic is about how the hidden history of Haiti has led the country into the poverty and suffering that is happening today.

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Tingu Achu
Misogyny and Disrespect in Rap & How It's Influenced

"In hip-hop music, misogyny relates to any aspect of rap that supports or normalizes the objectification, exploitation, and victimization of women." Why is this issue significant? Because of its influence on developing minds.

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Regan Ball
Women in STEM & Girls' STEM Education

For centuries women’s talents have been exploited and ignored in fields that involve science, mathematics, engineering, and technology. They have been involved in some of the greatest and most important scientific discoveries, but too often their contributions have been accredited to men who have very little, if any, claim to the discovery. Because the success of so many women in STEM fields is ignored, it affects the confidence of young girls who are looking to enter STEM careers. This project explores the causes behind the inequalities in STEM and will show you ways that you can support women and girls in STEM.

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Madison Blaho
Women Artists Lack of Recognition Through History

My social justice project highlights how women were not written into art history due to their gender. Many aspects set women back, like gender rights, education, and misattributions. I researched 7 women and their stories and struggles in the art world.

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Meola Borgellas Pierre
Blood Diamonds

My project is about the conflict diamonds that derive from different countries in Africa. Diamonds are often sold, traded and exported to different countries, and the money from the trade funds rebel groups and their cause. This causes excessive violence, murder, and more.

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Camille Boursiquot

I chose to focus on homelessness as my social justice topic because this is a very important issue nationwide. I believe everyone deserves a home and it is a necessity in everyone’s life. The United Nations has defined access to housing as a human right; Seeing people without this need is extremely difficult, daunting and painful to see, which is why I want to focus on homelessness. Homelessness is a big issue that affects many people in the United States and Massachusetts. In downtown Boston, I see many people without shelter and without a home. I want to help and create change.

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Angelina Camozzi
Animal Mistreatment

In my social justice project, I explored the hateful abuses and mistreatment of animals, mainly in shelters. Many animals in the United States are subject to mistreatment, and that is not ok.

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Zyla Cappellano
Inequality in Women's Soccer

My social justice project revolves around the fact that women in soccer get paid a lot less than men do. Women work just as hard as the men's team, or even harder, but don't get the same amount of acknowledgment. Especially the big pay gap with the difference of thousands of dollars.

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Sydney Carroll
The Cycle of Injustice: Racial Disparities Towards Black Women Working in the Criminal Justice System

My project explains the racial disparities and discrimination that many Black women face while working in the criminal justice system. There is a cycle of discrimination that leads to the lack of representation for Black women in the system and my project's mission is to help educate and inspire the younger generation of Black women to pursue these careers.

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Ella Connolly
The Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

My project is about the stigma that surrounds mental health. In my project, I speak about the inequalities, stereotypes, prejudices, and hate that those with mental illnesses are forced to endure.

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Hana Coppenrath
Misogyny on Social Media

My project covers how common misogyny on social media is, the negative effects of it, what is currently being done, and what I am doing.

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Caroline Costello
A Blessing and a Curse: High School and College Athletes and Mental Health

My social justice project is mental health in athletes. I discuss different struggles and difficulties athletes face and how overlooked mental health is, especially in athletes. The goal of my project is to raise awareness and educate more of the world today by starting with Fontbonne.

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Abigail Coughlin
Humans Killing the Ocean

My social justice project is on the harm that humans are doing to the ocean and its inhabitants. It includes information of 5 major issues the ocean is facing, all caused by humans. These issues are plastic pollution, underwater noise pollution, overfishing, ocean acidification, and shark finning.

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Jordan Crager
Women Working in Healthcare

My project is about women who work in healthcare and the injustices they face. I talk about the gender gap in wages, sexual harassment, and maternity leave.

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Alina Dai
The Complexities of Cultural Appropriation

My project will be talking about what cultural appropriation and appreciation is. Cultural appropriation is used to describe everything from hairstyles, clothing, food, and music, and this causes cultural stereotypes and different controversies. I will also discuss ways to be aware of this problem and include some examples.

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Kailey Dalton
Catholic Schools Lack of Disability Aid

Catholic schools all around America have been struggling to help students who need accommodations. Although Catholic schools are tuition-based, they are meant to receive government funding for certain programs. Unfortunately, a plenitude of Catholic Schools have not been receiving the obligated government funds.

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Ava Darsch
Advocating for the Disabled in the Workplace

I focused on barriers and discrimination in the job industry for people with disability. My project highlights statistics, discrimination, barriers, advocacy, and a need for change in this industry.

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Ava Duffy
Ocean Pollution and Conservation

The mission of my project is to raise awareness about the devastating effects of ocean pollution and to inspire individuals to take action to protect our oceans. I aim to educate people about the sources and impacts of ocean pollution, with a particular focus on plastic pollution, and to provide them with the tools and resources necessary to reduce their own plastic consumption and to participate in beach clean-up efforts.

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Amanda Ferrera-Fizer
Inequalities Between Women & Men in Hollywood

My project is about how women don't get the same amount of job opportunities on and off screen as men in Hollywood.

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Colleen Fogarty
The Inequalities Between Women & Men in Athletics

My social justice project discusses women’s involvement in sports since the beginning of time and how their treatment has changed. I go into detail about specific stories where women in athletics are not receiving the same treatment as men and how this needs to change.

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Joby Frejuste
Food Insecurity in the US and Around the World

Food insecurity is rooted in poverty and is becoming more common. Not enough is being done to aid in ending this issue.

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Madison Gafanhao
Civil Rights for Students with Learning Disabilities

My project is educating and advocating for students struggling in school with a learning disability. I advocate for students with learning disabilities and how they can be better helped through the education system.

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Julia Garvin
Period Poverty and Stigma

In the United States, homelessness and poverty is a large issue. For female-bodied people, this affects their ability to menstruate and practice safe techniques healthily. However, this issue is not easily solved because of the heavy stigma surrounding menstruation.

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Zion Grant
It could be you: Increased Black Maternal Mortality Rate

The increase of Black Maternal death has increased at a rate unimaginable. Black mothers have suffered for years from misdiagnoses or undiagnosed issues from healthcare professionals, leading to preventable deaths.

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Kayla Grippi
School Shootings in America

Gun violence takes the lives of thousands of children every year. This is an important topic because this generation has grown up in the eyes and ears of school shootings. It is important we all understand that there needs to be a stop to this.

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Kayla Healy
Climate Change: the Affect on the World and Its People

My social justice project is about climate change and how it affects poorer communities. I talk about how humans have made the climate worse by doing everyday actions. I also address how poor communities do not have enough money to fight against climate change.

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Yueyao Huang
Women and Sexual Assault

Women face more severe problems in sexual assault and deal with victim blaming because of Sexism.

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Abigail Jeter
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

My topic is about the indigenous women in North America that are going missing and being murdered at alarming rates. The purpose of this project is to educate the community about this underrepresented topic.

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Annika Joseph
Colorism and Its Effects on Asian Women

Colorism is discrimination or prejudice towards those of a certain skin tone (often one viewed as less preferable), either within a certain race or between races. Colorist ideologies affect both the minds and pockets of these communities, so much so that the global skin lightening industry is projected to reach 9 billion dollars in sales by 2024. There exists a double standard for Asian women specifically to uphold this standard of lightness; their worth as employee, spouse, and family member is greatly dependent on the shade of their skin.

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Elsie Rose Kelley
Wrongfully Convicted

My project is about how POC in our country are being wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit, and they are getting harsher sentencing because of the color of their skin.

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Bethanie Laguerre
Wrongly Incarcerated Black Men on Death Row

My social justice project is about black men who have been convicted of crimes they did not commit. How the criminal justice system continues to fail our innocent black men. I will speaking about the history, statistics of men who have been victims of this issue, organizations that are in acts of reform regarding my topic.

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Kimmy Le
Generational Trauma in the US

How does intergenerational trauma start and what we need to take in consideration when we are trying to resolve it. Learning to heal from the trauma decades later will help our future generations.

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Darcy LeFever
Unaffordable Healthcare in the United States

There are over 2 million people in the United States who are not getting the medical care that they need, and because of this, the death rate is increasing. Money is paying for things that aren’t even related to medical use. The price needs to be lowered in order for everyone to have fair and equal access to healthcare.

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Sidney Leveille
The Dangers of Talc in Health and Beauty Products

Talc containing asbestos contaminants are present in health and beauty products. Large perpetrators such as Johnson & Johnson have denied such claims, continuing to put millions of consumers around the world at risk of developing life-threatening diseases.

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Sayah Levene
Education Inequality within Public Schools

My project explores the disparities within public schools and the negative effects on minorities communities, and how the disparities are supported by the government.

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Xuanyu Lin
Environmental Injustice

In some specific areas in the United States, the excessive exposure of people of color and poor communities to pollution, toxic substances, and harsh weather has an extremely negative impact on the health and environment of these populations. To be specific, in the United States, poor people and people of color experience higher cancer rates, asthma rates, mortality rates, and overall poorer health than their affluent and white counterparts. This disproportionate exposure to environmental harms in low-income, minority communities is known as environmental injustice.

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Jiaqi (Sophia) Liu
Gender Inequality Education in Afghanistan

My project will talk about why the Taliban deprive Afghan girls and introduce actions to address this issue.

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Jinghan Ma
Need for Education Among Vulnerable Groups of Children in China

Chinese education has a long history, but some problems still exist. Children living in poor areas cannot get the same educational resources and opportunities as their urban counterparts. I want every child in the world to have equal education.

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Adrienne Machu
Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I will give a brief definition and summary of my topic. Then I will share the testimony of a survivor in video form. I finish by inviting people to take action on my website.

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Anna McA'Nulty
Unaffordable Healthcare

America spends more on healthcare per person each year than any other comparable country. Healthcare costs continue to rise each year. Because of this, many Americans struggle to afford healthcare.

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Greta McEvoy
Fast Fashion: The Social and Environmental Harm of "More for Less"

There is an injustice we carry on our backs every day: clothes. The fast fashion industry functions as a business model that replicates high fashion designs at low prices with cheap quality. As a result, garment workers experience dangerous conditions as well as low pay, and the environment is harmed by the waste disposal of fast fashion.

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Hannah O'Brien
Equal Work Opportunities for the Handicapped

My social justice project is about advocating and educating others about equal job opportunities for the handicapped in the workforce. My social justice project involves educating others about ableism, and how people with disabilities are discriminated against based on their disability.

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Margaret O'Brien
Working to End Sex Trafficking

I am bringing awareness and educating people about sex trafficking. I show a video that may be triggering and share some sad data.

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Eleanor Ready
Threats to Marine Life: Overfishing & Ocean Pollution

My social justice project is about the historical evolution, causes, and significance of researching the various threats to marine life such as over fishing and ocean pollution. My project connects why we should care about this issue with how it relates to Catholic Social Teachings.

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Annie Rivera
Police Brutality Against Black People in America

My project talks about the reality that black people have to face when it comes to the police. I talk about the history of police brutality and some of the victims that have died.

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Dianelis (Nelly) Rivera
Gentrification in the United States

Gentrification is the redevelopment of houses or apartments in a community or neighborhood while higher-income individuals move into them and low-income individuals move out or are displaced. It impacts low-income communities and individuals living in subsidized housing.

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Ava Robertson
Inequality in Chocolate Farming

In the chocolate industry farmers are treated poorly. They are underpaid and led into a circle of poverty. This creates modern slavery and child labor.

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Nevaeh Tamasang
Racism in Healthcare Against Women of Color

Synopsis: Being Black and disabled in America is a constant struggle. My project explores the challenges they face and their experience with law enforcement.

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Sabrina Thai
Abuse in the Troubled Teen Industry

Despite thousands of allegations of abuse, neglect, and dangerous treatment practices that have resulted in the deaths of many, the troubled teen industry has continued to survive and grow.

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