Unlike any other subject, Visual Arts can challenge a girl intellectually and creatively. It can open her mind to the wonders of the world around her and the possibilities of the world inside her.

Our approach to Teaching and Learning Visual Arts is hands-on and student-centered. Here, our students build portfolios, develop and hone contemporary graphic design skills, utilize digital photography hardware and software, and much more.

In additon to meeting her graduation requirements at Fontbonne and perhaps earning college credits as well, immersing herself in Visual Arts unlocks a girl’s ability to express herself creatively. Nurturing this part of her young mind will increase her self-confidence and enhance her critical thinking skills.

Some of our noteworthy courses include:

Art One. This is a basic introduction to all types of art mediums.  

Advanced Art Two Honors. This provides a deeper experience for a student who does well in Art One and is interested in further developing her skills.

AP Studio Art Drawing. This is an Advanced Placement course focusing on drawing and painting.  

Graphic Design One. This is an introduction to Photoshop, as well as different Design careers.

Advanced Graphic Design Honors. This is for a girl who does well in GD1.

AP 2D Design. This is an Advanced Placement course for a student who does well in Advanced Graphic Design.