Welcome to our 2022 virtual Social Justice Fair! The Grade 12 students in Theology IV and Liberty, Justice & Security classes have completed their yearlong capstone project focused on a specific social justice issue. Their task was to research an issue of interest and apply their critical thinking skills to address its historical roots and the people whom it impacts.  Using the lens of Catholic Social Justice Teaching, they determine a concrete solution and/or act of advocacy to make a difference in the world today. 

Each project demonstrates the fruits of a four year Fontbonne education as one that prepares our graduates to be critical thinkers and effective communicators. In addition to the 20-page paper they have written, the Social Justice Fair provides students with a platform to present what they have learned to the Fontbonne community and invited guests. 

The Social Justice Fair is traditionally held on campus.  For the third time, this special event is taking place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you for joining us and for celebrating the hard work and passion of our students.  We invite you to visit this webpage daily as new student projects will be released throughout the week. 

Click on the date (either below or in the right column, depending on how you are viewing this page), and you will be taken to the presentations released on that day. 

Simone Algere, Lily Baldwin, Bernadette Dunphy, Norah Finch, Kiley Fitzgerald, Jordyn Geary, Renee Han, Esosasehia Owens, Caitlin Slattery, Olivia Zitter

Lily Chansyna, Mary Duncan, Cecilie Elie, Dominique Habchi, Isabella Marino, Mary McDonald, Mackenzie Murphy, Caroline Smith

Anne Accime, Patricia Cadogan, Abigail Jean-Michel, Sarah Joseph, Irene Kelly, Keegan McCarthy, Regine Medor, Alicia Ward

Laura Barron, Ananya Barton-Shiner, Sheneika Desrosiers, Kathryn Gentile, Ava Hanley, Olivia John, Emma Paparazzo, Eileen Rezendes

Kamilah Deslouches, Sophia Estee, Emily Ferro, Ava Lundbohm, Grace Manning, Ariana Morales, Ava Petrosino, Margaret Smith, Nashla Suero-Polanco

Leighanna Broome, Sydney Browder, Madeleine Manno, Anna Marini, Tiffany Ngige, Helen Osunsanya, Veronica Phillips, Alexis Ramsay, Emily Russell, Helena Sabbagh, Isabella Tatem-Welch

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