We provide research lessons, robust resources, and the expertise of our Library staff to assist each girl in all their projects. We strive to give her the skills and confidence to produce excellent research papers by the first day of her college career. 

Some examples of our continual work with students includes:

9th Grade Global History Research Paper

We work closely with the Social Studies Department to scaffold the process of producing students’ first high school research paper.

10th and 11th Grade English Research Papers

We partner with English faculty to bring students’ research skills to a more sophisticated level of finding and evaluating sources in various databases.

12th Grade U.S. History “Back in Time” Project
We co-teach a Social Studies project in which a student researches an era from which she can imagine a young woman back to life.

12th Grade Social Justice Project

We assist our seniors in conducting higher level research for their year-long Social Justice project.

Finally but importantly, the Library remains a cozy space for girls to comfortably decompress between classes, quietly study with friends and classmates, and/or simply leave the busy world behind to think (or not think).