Student: Lily Chansyna
Title: The Climate Crisis

Synopsis: This project talks about how climate change affects every living thing around the world. It explains who is more at risk than others and how we can improve conditions.

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Student: Mary Duncan
Title: The Mental Health Crisis in the High School Education System

Synopsis: High school students all across the country are put under an immense amount of pressure to be perfect. This unreasonable expectation has harmed students’ mental health, and this crisis has been ignored by everyone. I researched how schools became like this and the effects on high school students.

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Student: Cecilie Elie
Title: The United States Border Crisis

Synopsis: The crisis our southwest border is ongoing. Refugees are living in detention centers up to months at a time that are only meant to hold people for two days. Children are brought to the border unattended. My capstone project examines the historical context of the crisis and I offer possible resolutions.

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Student: Dominique Habchi
Title: Our Forgotten Youth: Re-Sensitizing the Public on Youth Homelessness

Synopsis: Youth homelessness is an ongoing crisis that is impacting close to 4 million youths each day. Due to factors like the affordable housing crisis, discrimination, and other conflicts, those experiencing homelessness have a low chance of ever seeing a change. It is an injustice that cannot be solved overnight, but with dedication and volunteer efforts, a difference can be made.

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Student: Isabella Marino
Title: Prisoner Reentry and Reintegration

Synopsis: More than 600,000 people in America are released from jails and prisons every single year, and transitioning back into society can be extremely difficult for many different reasons. These individuals face challenges that need to be addressed and overcome; some face substance abuse, homelessness, and unemployment. These individuals are not receiving the help needed to succeed.

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Student: Mary McDonald
Title: Abuse of Elderly in Nursing Homes

Synopsis: My social justice project is about elder abuse in nursing homes, specifically in America. This project looks at the differences between for-profit and non-profit nursing homes and how these institutions affect the quality of care, or lack thereof, provided to elders.

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Student: Mackenzie Murphy
Title: Caring for Our Heroes: The Treatment of Veterans

Synopsis: When returning to civilian life veterans face many struggles and encounter neglect. They struggle to find employment, to navgate mental and physical health needs, and often face homelessness. Is this how we treat our heroes?

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Student: Caroline Smith
Title: The Opioid Crisis in Massachusetts

Synopsis: I focused on the opioid crisis specifically in Massachusetts. There is an ever-growing epidemic of opioid use throughout Massachusetts that can be completely attributed to the pharmaceutical companies that are making billions of dollars off of the epidemic that affects people and their families throughout the nation.

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