Welcome to our 2024 Social Justice Fair website page! The Grade 12 students in Theology IV and Liberty, Justice & Security classes have completed their yearlong capstone project focused on a specific social justice issue. Their task was to research an issue of interest and apply their critical thinking skills to address its historical roots and the people it impacts.  Using the lens of Catholic Social Teaching, they determine a concrete solution and act of advocacy to make a difference in the world today. 

Each project demonstrates the fruits of a four-year Fontbonne education as one that prepares our graduates to be critical thinkers and effective communicators. In addition to the 20-page paper they have written, the Social Justice Fair provides students with a platform to present what they have learned to the Fontbonne community and guests. 

For more information about Catholic Social Justice Teachings, we have provided you with links to the following resources:

7 Themes of Catholic Social Justice Teaching, USCCB

The 10 Building Blocks of Catholic Social TeachingAmerica

Martina Agaba

What is happening to women and girls in refugee camps worldwide?

This research project aims to shed light on the mistreatment of female refugees and raise awareness about their unique challenges. Through comprehensive research and the distribution of information, I strive to promote understanding, empathy, and positive change for female refugees worldwide. 

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Ashley Aguilar
Unfair Treatment of Immigrants

My mission is to bring awareness to the unfair treatment in detention centers and at the border. I want to help educate people on immigration, hoping that this project is an eye-opener and motivates people to take action to help. 

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Sara Allen
Blood on Blue and White: 'The Repression of Uyghurs in China

Uyghurs have suffered abuse at the hands of the Chinese government largely because of religion (many Uyghurs are Muslim). There are roots of this that go back in history, but I think a lot of the abuse really heightened in the early-mid 2000s. I believe the abuse has gone on until at least April of 2023, so if this is not a current event it is at least a recent event. One example of the abuse Uyghurs suffered was sterilization, which made people unable to have children. It was this form of abuse, in particular, I believe that made the abuses suffered by Uyghurs a genocide.

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Sierra Bausemer
Sensationalization of True Crime in the Media

Sensationalization of True Crime in Media has been a growing issue that impacts crime rates and stigma in communities. Additionally, true crime sensationalization negatively impacts victims, their families, and the justice system as it often inaccurately depicts crimes and the nature of justice.

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Justine Bergancia
The Politicization of Science in the U.S.

In the United States, science has become increasingly polarized between the two political parties, Democrats and Republicans. Studies have shown that party affiliation has become a major factor in general trust in science, leading to disparities in vaccination status, belief in climate change, and more. These disparities have contributed to countless deaths and lasting harm on the planet.

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Lilly Blow
The Death Penalty

My social justice project focuses on the death penalty, particularly in the United States. In my project, I touch on the current death row statistics as well as the process the inmates go through.

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Lauren Bowser
Water is a Women's Issue: The Socioeconomic Implications of Water Scarcity Globally

My social justice project focuses on water scarcity and its impact on women. Today, nearly two billion people around the world lack access to clean water, and it will only get worse. Despite water scarcity affecting the entire world, areas of “high water stress” are primarily third-world countries. Due to the limited accessibility to clean water in these countries, women face most of the consequences as they are tasked with collecting water. As a result, women suffer from the lack of (clean) water and are unable to improve their economic and social status by not attending school and work.

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Tara Brady
PTSD in Veterans

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Sophie Brennock
Sexual Abuse in the Sports Industry

It is essential to investigate the historical context of abuse in athletes to see how the athletic system has perpetuated physical and sexual abuse for decades. While abuse has been an injustice since the start of humanity, as athletics have influenced so many people and industries, the abuse of athletes by coaches has increased in recent history. 

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Róisín Burke
Inequalities of indigenous women in society

Indigenous communities in North America have faced a variety of injustices, such as discrimination, racism, and marginalization, for centuries. These horrific acts have led to a long history of cultural erasure and basic rights violations, specifically for Indigenous women. The mission of my project is to educate the community, raise awareness, and support efforts to protect Indigenous rights.

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Annika Celestine
The Mistreatment of Black and Caribbean Students in Predominantly White Schools

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Yijia (Lydia) Chen
Education Disparities and Challenges Faced by Children in Rural Tibetan Regions of China

This paper aims to undertake an analysis of the education disparities and challenges faced by children in rural Tibetan regions of China. 

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Kalon Davis
The Neglect of people with Disabilities in Group Homes

My social justice project is to enlighten others and advocate for individuals who are not given the opportunity to spread awareness for themselves. There have already been societal efforts to reform the way disabled people are being treated. However, I would like to focus on how people with disabilities are being mistreated in places where their families and themselves expect to be safe spaces, specifically group homes.

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Ava Donaghue
Mistreatment of the handicapped

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities for employment, transportation, public accommodations, communications, and access to state and local government programs and services. However, this law is violated daily by individuals and institutions, both in factual, concrete ways and in discriminatory actions of people. Because there are several people close to me with disabilities, I chose my topic with the vision of advocating for change to alleviate some of their struggles.

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Caroline Duffy
Mass Incarceration

My social justice topic is to educate others about the injustices people face in the U.S. criminal justice system in terms of incarceration.

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Arfa Edhi
How climate change is causing wildfires

My social justice topic is about wildfires and climate change. Over the course of the years, our climate condition has worsened and is continuing to. Global warming is resulting in disasters such as wildfires, and these disasters are negatively impacting our lives. It is essential for us to recognize this concern and to take action so we can help prevent future disasters and help preserve our environment.

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Talia Esposito
Continue with Hope: Adolescents and Mental Health

The mission of my project is to bring awareness to people around the country about the need for certain communities to access mental health programs for young adolescents. Mental health care is something that is growing and making innovations every day but the real question is, why are there no programs solely focused on teens?  Teens suffer the most from mental health illnesses making it hard to focus in school, maintain a social life, and grow closer with your family.

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Eliana Estee
Abuse Occurring in the U.S. Troubled Teen Industry

My social justice project explores the troubled teen industry and the injustices it's founded on. Troubled Teens are sent away to facilities where they are abused and receive no effective or medical-based treatment for profit.

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Tiara Fallon
Abuse in the Dance World

My social justice project explores the often-overlooked abuse that occurs in the dance world, such as physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. It focuses on all ages, from recreational classrooms to the professional industry.

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Emmerson Finnigan
Social Media's Negative Effects on Teenage Girls' Mental Health

My Social media project is focused on how social media can adversely impact teenage girls' mental health through comparison, cyberbullying, and unrealistic beauty standards. Excessive use may lead to anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. Continuous exposure to carefully selected images captures feelings of depression, significantly impacting mental well-being in a negative manner.

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Amanda Garzon
Queer Couple Adoption Discrimination

My social justice topic is centered on the injustices facing queer couples when attempting to adopt or foster children, as well as the injustices facing children in the foster care system who are being denied potential families.

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Jada Graham
Black Hair Discrimination

My social justice project examines the impact of Black hair discrimination on Black Individuals in the United States. Through my research, I discuss the origins of colonial oppression, contemporary challenges, legislative efforts, societal attitudes, and the intersectional nature of this type of racial discrimination. I highlight the progress made and ongoing struggles faced by Black Individuals in facing this issue and asserting their cultural identity.

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Sofia Guarino
The Global Stigma Surrounding The Menstrual Cycle

My social justice project sheds light on the stigma that menstruators face throughout history and the world. I discuss the ways this has changed throughout time, the reasons why it is present, how people are helping, and who is affected.

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Kathleen Henderson
Injustices in High-Level Show Jumping Competitions

My social justice project focuses on the abuse horses are facing in higher-level show jumping competitions that are often overlooked.

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Caroline Hennigan
lack of access to treatment for postpartum mood disorders

My social justice project focuses on the barriers to care that exist for women struggling with postpartum mood disorders and the history of the stigma associated with these conditions.

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Amara Hurd
Book Banning

The mission of this project is to spread awareness on the book banning that is spreading throughout this Country. I hope that my research and action will inspire people to speak up and read the books that are getting banned. 

Click here to view Amara's full project


Arianna Jean-Baptiste
Poverty in the Black Community in Greater Boston

My Social Justice Project focuses on the black community in Greater Boston struggling with poverty. Throughout the research, many factors contributed to people struggling with poverty.

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Arebella Jean-Baptiste
Mass Extinctions of Endangered Animals

My Social Justice project is the Mass Extinction of Endangered Animals. This problem is a global problem that needs to be addressed. It is important to take action on the extinction of animal injustice by supporting organizations that promote equality and advocacy. I believe people in this world forget that there are other organisms than humans in this world. Animals have their role in this world, but they can not impact it if they become extinct. Animals' main role in this web of life is maintaining the balance and biodiversity of nature.

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Nyierah Jesuca
Underlying Anti-Blackness in America

My social justice project focuses on the many aspects of American culture that were inspired by the country's significant Anti-Blackness. The pervasive efforts of white society to keep Black people inferior, all while improving American society with the hard work of said people.

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Elizabeth Leahy
Fast Fashion

My social justice project focuses on the unfair working conditions and unlivable wages garment workers face in the fashion industry.

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Niamh McGillicuddy
Lack of health equity within the U.S., particularly addressing cancer disparities

My social justice project focuses on the different disparities present within the U.S. healthcare system that cause different patient outcomes, particularly focusing on the disease of cancer.

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Bridget McGovern
Men's Mental Health

In my project, I focus on men and the stigma they face in society. Throughout my research, I explain how men often have to face an expectation created by society of appearing as strong and stoic men. Sadly, the outcome of this societal expectation keeps men from being openly vulnerable with their emotions, keeping them silent. I have found that men often use different substances to help them get through depression and anxiety.

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Colleen McGrath
Veterans Suffering with PTSD and Readjustment

The mission of my project is to make America a country that is more aware of the mental health struggles of veterans and the possible outcomes of them, such as drug abuse, homelessness, readjustment disorders, PTSD, etc. The awareness that this issue is prevalent in today's society will help shape America into a country that benefits the people who serve us.

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Maeve McGrath
Adolescent Drug Abuse

My social justice project is intended to create awareness about the high risk of substance abuse in our youth communities, highlighting the recent increase of accessibility young people have gained to drugs and alcohol.

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Lucy McMullen
Ableism is the Classroom

My social justice project focuses on the stigma surrounding people with special needs and disabilities and how they are discriminated against.

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Izzy Medua
Racism in interracial couples in america

My social justice project focuses on the injustice and racism mixed children and interracial couples face in America.

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Kalea Mon
Lack of Asian Americans Represented on Broadway and in Hollywood

My social justice topic focuses on the false Asian stereotypes portrayed in films and the lack of Asians in the entertainment industry.

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Jasyra Moreno
Global human trafficking

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Caitlyn Murphy
School Shootings

My social justice project focuses on the severity of school shootings in the United States and the negative impact they have on students all across the country.

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Tressa Murphy
Mistreatment of the intellectually disabled in society

My social justice project focuses on the mistreatment of the intellectually disabled in school, sports, and society.

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Genevieve Oles
Access and Affordability of Feminine Products

My social justice project focuses on parts of the Pink Tax. I focus on pricing differences and how easy it is for females to access it.

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Penelope Ortiz
Mistreatment of Immigrants at the US/Mexico Border

My social justice project focuses on the mistreatment of immigrants in detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border. It revolves around the concept of dehumanization that our government continues to draw upon by courageous people looking for new opportunities and with pure intentions.

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Rose Quinn
raising awareness about the risks of suicide in young adults

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Olivia Riley-Gangi
The Abuse and Mistreatment of Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders in Classrooms

My social justice focuses on the abuse children with intellectual and developmental disabilities or behavioral disorders face as a result of their disabilities.

Click here to view Olivia's full project


Caitlin Sabijon
Political Violence and Oppression in the Philippines

The purpose of my project is to spread awareness of the human rights issues occurring in the Philippines and to provide easier access to support groups and non-profits in the Philippines so more people can help worldwide.

Click here to view Caitlin's full project


Jalene Saint-Eloi
child abuse in social media

My social justice topic focuses on the abuse that children face in social media and the way that it is overlooked by society.

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Nekesha Saint-Louis
Political Issues in Haiti's Government/how it Led to Poverty and Gang Violence

My social justice project focuses on how the people of Haiti are currently suffering due to the instability of the government. I focus on and explain how that happened and how Haiti has become one of the poorest countries in the world.

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Molly Sangster
Ocean Conservation

My social justice project focuses on the topic of ocean conservation and the issues it addresses. The issues I chose to focus on are ocean acidification, overfishing, and North Atlantic Right Whale conservation.

Click here to view Molly's full project


Mia Santosuosso
Women and Sexual Assault

My social justice project is solely based on women who face sexual assault in today’s society here in the United States. I chose this topic because I have a strong desire to be a part of the organization that strives to put an end to it. The Sexual Assault crisis may be the most tragic injustice in the history of humanity.

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Nyara Sydney
Racism in the U.S. Public Library System

My social justice project highlights the ways in which racism in the US public library system is perpetuated through book censorship and marginalizing cataloging systems. I focus on how continuing to remain complacent towards the censorship and marginalization of Black authors proves to be disservice towards patrons of all races.

Click here to view Nyara's full project


Ingrid Truong
Fetishization of Asian Culture and Women

My project gives examples of Asian people and culture being idealized or appropriated while also bringing awareness to the effects it has on the community, such as hate crimes, sexualization, violence, and more.

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Ella Uniac
Plastic Pollution

My project discusses the dangers of plastic to the environment and humans while also explaining ways we can move toward a more sustainable future without plastic.

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Leanette Victoria
The Truth about Children in the Criminal Justice System

The mission of this project is to educate myself and others on the hidden injustices faced in the Juvenile Law System by both juveniles and their families. 

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Anya Voehl
Mistreatment of Immigrants at the US-Mexico Border

My social justice project focuses on the abuse and mistreatment immigrants and their families face at the US-Mexico border.

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Xihan (Betty) Wang
Injustice and Discrimination toward People with Mental Illness in China

In China, there are still numerous areas lacking mental health knowledge, and habitants typically own different types of stigma and stereotypes against mental illness patients, such as dangerous, incompetent, etc. This project tries to draw attention to such stigma and discrimination towards mental illnesses, aiming to let more people realize the issue.

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Rachel Washington
Abuse and neglect of children in the foster care system

The mission of my social justice project is to bring awareness to the underlying abuse and neglect that happens within the foster care system.

Click here to view Rachel's full project


Grace Weafer
The lack of education in rural areas of China

My social justice project focuses on the educational inequalities in rural areas of China where students have limited resources. It also brings awareness to the overall lack of resources in underprivileged communities in China.

Click here to view Grace's full project


Xioahan (Jeanie) Yu
Tibet Women

My goal is to analyze the injustices facing Tibetan women from the perspectives of their health and childbearing, unequal access to education, and respect for the history and customs of Tibetan women. I want more people to know about the current situation of Tibetan women and to help Tibetan women.

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