For the 2019-2020 academic year, our total tuition is $17,800.

For families who might benefit from financial aid, please know that we look forward to working with you on an individual basis to understand how we can fit within your budget while providing your remarkable daughter with an extraordinary learning experience.

There may be additional fees, to include:

Annual Activity Fees                $300
Annual Technology Fees        $225*
One-time Graduation Fees  $500

There are also additional fees for international students.
*Parents are kindly required to purchase insurance on any school-supplied technology devices, such as iPads or Chromebooks.

To begin a conversation about your daughter, please contact our Director of Admissions, Christin Schow, at


Fontbonne Flex: An Innovative Tuition Program

The only thing more intimidating than the cost of college is the cost of private high school. Fontbonne believes every remarkable girl deserves to benefit from The Early College of Boston. Fontbonne Flex Tuition is an innovative tuition program matching a family’s unique financial situation to their daughter’s tuition. Fontbonne is the only area Catholic high school providing this variable model to families.

Monthly Range:    $860 - $1,780
Yearly Range:        $8,600 - $17,800

To learn more, please email or call Barbara Higgins, Assistant to the Head of School, at 617.615.3007 or


Financial Aid

Applicants for the Class of 2024 (grade 9 entry in September 2020) who wish to apply for need-based financial aid must do so between November 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.  

Currently enrolled Freshwomen (Class of 2023), Sophomores (Class of 2022) and Juniors (Class of 2021) requesting need-based financial aid must apply by March 31, 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year and are expected to submit the 2019 tax returns with their application. We have set our application deadline to March 31 in order to ensure that there is adequate time for all applications/tax information to be verified by FACTS before the Financial Aid Committee meeting.   Fontbonne Academy cannot award financial aid if a family's application/tax information has not been verified by FACTS.

Please note that current recipients of financial aid must re-apply each year.

Your financial aid application is carefully reviewed by our Financial Aid Committee and any award is determined based on funds available and needs across each class.

All need-based financial aid is awarded in the form of Work-Study grants to help defray the cost of tuition. Students will be assigned various jobs on campus before school,  after school or during unscheduled time.

If you have questions about financial aid, please contact Christin Schow (above) or Barbara Higgins at 617.615.3007, or by email at

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Payment Options

Fontbonne Academy currently offers three payment plans: 

  • Single payment
  • Semi-annual payments (one in July and one in December)
  • Monthly payments (ten equal monthly installments from July through April)

The multiple payment plans are managed solely through FACTS Management, a company engaged by Fontbonne to manage the tuition payment process. FACTS also offers a tuition insurance plan. Enrollment in Fontbonne’s payment plans is available via FACTS.

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Loan Options

Fontbonne Academy is enrolled in Your Tuition Solution, a program that offers tuition loans to families of Fontbonne Academy. If you are interested in this option, visit

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Merit Scholarships

Fontbonne Academy awards a limited number of partial academic scholarships based upon high school placement test scores, academic transcripts, the student application, and recommendations during the award process. Fontbonne is pleased to recognize and encourage young women coming to high school with a record of academic achievement. Merit scholarships are awarded to incoming freshwomen only. Scholarships are not negotiable and are renewed as the student maintains a high level of academic achievement, conduct and social contribution to the community.

Financial Aid

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Financial Aid

How to Apply

  • Applications for financial aid must be completed online via FACTS Management, a company engaged by the school to process all financial aid applications. 
  • All applications must include the most recent tax returns.  The Financial Aid Committee will only review complete applications which include the most recent tax returns.
  • The Financial Aid Committee requires both custodial and non-custodial parents to apply online to FACTS Grant Aid & Assessment. In addition, the resources of stepparents should be included in the information provided online. 
  • All financial aid decisions are made by a committee at Fontbonne Academy, and the awards come from Fontbonne Academy, not FACTS.
  • Financial aid offers for incoming students are mailed with acceptance letters.
  • For more information about FACTS or to submit your financial aid application please click here.