Our award-winning Performing Arts program empowers each Student-Artist to take bold risks, build her self-confidence, and find early success upon which she can build and grow. 

With a rich history of standout performances, our Student-Artists benefit from the complementary dynamic of being a part of a professional theatre company and an ever-supportive school family. 

From our most experienced faculty to our youngest students, we are:



Student engage in meaningful work while mastering collaboration and leadership. Trusting in one another to produce professional performances enables each girl to grow in her creativity and confidence.



We perform on a global stage, with past performances at the Vatican, Disney World, The White House, and across Europe. In fact, students in the Select Chorus and Jazz Ensemble have the experiences of a professional singing group, with bookings that include liturgies, government events, and weddings. 



Our Student-Artists work across a range of styles, as we produce musicals, rock operas, tragedies, comedies, dramas, and historic works. Additionally, girls in Choral perform selections from jazz, pop, classical, broadway, and liturgical music.  

Some of our noteworthy courses include:

Select Chorus. By audition only, this course focuses and develops singing as well as music theory and conducting.  

Jazz Choir Honors. A girl who excels in Select Chorus may be invited into Jazz Choir, where she will further develop her musical talents.

Theatre Class. This is an introduction into theater and public speaking. A student will learn monologues, write speeches, learn stage production and even create her own play.

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Fall Athletic Coaches

Felisha Grant '08:
Katie Porter:

Cross Country
Abby Young

Varsity Soccer
Paul Piotrowicz
Katey Dowling:

JV Soccer
Callie Cabral:

Varsity Volleyball
Sheila Simon '07:

JV Volleyball
Maria Devine:

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Winter Athletic Coaches

Varsity Basketball
Clare Murphy '87:
Callie Cabral:

JV Basketball
Kayla Odegaard:

Ice Hockey
Kelsey Finn '06:

Indoor Track
Maria Devine:
Melissa McDonough:

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Spring Athletic Coaches

Jamie Simon:

Michael Merritt:

Track & Field
Steve Wilson:

Dana Smith:

Upcoming Performances

Jesus Christ Superstar

March 22-24 and 29-30

 7 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays;

2 p.m. on Sunday

CSJ Center

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