The Academic Success Program is designed to assist a student who has been identified as needing support with basic study skills. 

The goal of the program is to introduce and reinforce skills like organization, time management, note taking, reading comprehension, and learning & memory tools, among others, through a dedicated Study Skills curriculum. A student is introduced to the concept of learning styles and is taught to identify and work with her own strengths. 

A participant in the Academic Success Program attends a week-long summer session prior to beginning 9th Grade. During the school year, she meets once a cycle in mentoring sessions during which study strategies for particular courses are addressed. She also attends an after-school program that meets twice weekly and provides access to subject area tutors as well as one-on-one mentoring with the Academic Success Program Coordinator.

Academic Success Center

Our Academic Success Center (ASC) is noteworthy. The ASC is a specially staffed and dedicated learning space for a student who may benefit from supplementary one-on-one teaching, coaching, or mentoring in select subject areas.  

We staff the Center with faculty who can provide a student with additional guidance in select subject areas. A student can also meet individually in the ASC with National Honor Society tutors to receive extra help with specific subject area skills. 

A student who may require additional assistance can work with the Academic Success Program Coordinator on specific skill training or receive consultation pertaining to her executive functioning skills.