Discover Your Truest

As she looks back, the senior thinks about her teachers. She remembers early morning one-on-one’s for extra help; electric moments in class that catapulted her self-confidence; (really) tough but heartfelt guidance when she showed poor judgment. She remembers that calming hand on her trembling shoulder before she entered, Stage Left, and the shared, ecstatic (!) victory dance when That College finally said Yes. Each teacher helped her discover a piece of her truest self. In ways small and seismic, it might be Fontbonne’s most enduring gift to her.

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Fall Athletic Coaches

Felisha Grant '08:
Katie Porter:

Cross Country
Abby Young

Varsity Soccer
Paul Piotrowicz
Katey Dowling:

JV Soccer
Callie Cabral:

Varsity Volleyball
Sheila Simon '07:

JV Volleyball
Maria Devine:

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Winter Athletic Coaches

Varsity Basketball
Clare Murphy '87:
Callie Cabral:

JV Basketball
Kayla Odegaard:

Ice Hockey
Kelsey Finn '06:

Indoor Track
Maria Devine:
Melissa McDonough:

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Spring Athletic Coaches

Jamie Simon:

Michael Merritt:

Track & Field
Steve Wilson:

Dana Smith: