Anika Walker '17, Hope in Hundred-Seven 

Each school has a history and traditions that speak to the spirit of every student. The founders strived to build educational communities where students can learn as one and drink from the fountain of knowledge. Each and every acre tells the stories of past generations of students who worked and poured their hopes and inspirations for change into the next generation to come. Throughout the years of movements, wins and loses, the vision of hope has never wavered. When they were no longer able to tell their stories, others stepped up to pass them on. Who will tell yours?


Michey Wagnac ‘12, A Seed of Hope

I hope to share about my experience working for City Year at an under resourced school in Miami. I want to share the struggles I encountered with the students I worked with and having to meet them where they were each day. As a Peer Mentor I helped them become more confident in themselves and build motivation. I helped them find the hope within themselves. Seeing my students that I worked with 4 years ago graduate from high school showed me that Hope is a real action and can do great things. I look forward to sharing about this rewarding journey with you. 


Julie Velie '08, Taking Care of YOU in Difficult Times 

2020 brought a myriad of changes and events that challenged us all in different ways. Come learn about common stress responses and strategies for taking good care of yourself during these times (and all times!)


Tiffany Sawyer '05, Girl Power - Finding Your Voice 

In a world, where everyone is trying to forge their mark. How can you use YOUR voice to establish your presence? In this session, you will understand how using YOUR gifts can enhance not only your power but the power of others around you. In short: Finding your voice for purpose.


Noelle Sass '15, How Did I Get Here? Finding Your WHY! 

What do you do when you lose everything you identify with in the blink of an eye, and when you finally feel ready to reestablish yourself, a worldwide pandemic hits? When you're asking yourself “how did I get here” it's time to find your why. From struggling with identity, dealing with injury and mental health, and of course the pandemic, I want to share my story with you in the hopes that I can inspire you to find your why. 


Eliza McDonald '13, Hope Begins in the Dark 

This session will explore the intersections of identity, hope, perseverance and faith through discussions of a tumultuous 2020 and my experiences applying to medical school.  Ultimately, I will share larger reflections on hope in medicine and how we can draw on hope to lay the foundation for a life filled with meaning and joy.


Kim Krenzwick '09, Importance of Mentorship in Self Love  

My goal is to share the importance of having developing relationships and having mentors throughout all paths of life that will help you in developing self love and having hope to be the best possible version of you.


Daneev Imbert '20, It's Okay to Choose to Love Yourself 

This is a space to gather some knowledge about yourself and how to better care for yourself. Whether you are suffering from depression and anxiety and need some helpful tips to continue on with life. Or even having some trouble seeing yourself in a positive light. And just need some helpful self care tips. Join this session with me. As someone who dealt with all of this I will be sharing some helpful advice that I have acquired from professionals and learned myself when coping with all of this. 


Kaitlyn Farrell '06 RN MSN, "What if the sky doesn't fall? What if it's glorious?" 

This year has given us so much to worry about. By nature a functional worrier, I would like to share ways I have learned to mitigate those thoughts and fears that can lessen the joy in our lives. As a nurse and new mom, I have utilized both professional help and self-guided methods to "beat on, boats against the current" of anxious thoughts that run through all of our heads. While we all cope differently, I hope by sharing my experience you will know that you are not alone. It is okay to be sometimes fearful, but always be hopeful.


Wes Boucher, Keep Climbing that Hill Fontbonne 

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted 75% of your day. Do things you are involved in/ things you used to find joy from now bring you some feelings of anxiousness or distress. Let’s talk about it. Burnout can be a serious factor in a student's experience if it is not checked. In this session, we will talk about some of the stages and signs of burnout, as well as strategies to reflect upon and best circumvent this feeling to leave you poised for success. 


Ms. Nikki Myers, Hope's Toolkit: Strategies for Self-Care 

During this session, participants will briefly learn about how to identify emotional dysregulation which may thwart hope. Participants will learn and practice some of CBT/DBT skills and self-care such as mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and emotional regulation. Let's build our Hope Toolkit together.


Michelle Kelley, Hope IS Possible During Challenging Times 

During the challenging year of 2020, I turned to hope to anchor me.  Hope is a noun AND a verb - it requires us to enter into it.  We can do that with our faith and with community.  I created a tool kit (drew an anchor, put quotes around this image) and I visually look at this every day to help anchor me during difficult times. I would like to share it with you.


Kristina Hernandez, Morning Mindfulness Dance Session - Gym - 9am

Kristina Hernandez, founder of Dance Forever, has been dancing for twenty years, teaching and choreographing for almost ten. She understands all learning experiences are different. She believes through music, anyone can dance.

As a professional, she is thankful for the experiences she has gained throughout the years of teaching.



Mr. John Hopkins, Mindfulness Journaling Session
9am - 212


John Hopkins has been an English teacher for the past thirty-nine years. He was the New England Association of Teachers of English (NEATE) poet of the year in 2008 and its teacher of the year in 20009. John’s poetry has appeared in Commonweal, Saint Anthony Messenger, The National Catholic Reporter, The Leaflet, Sr. Melannie Svoboda’s blog, “Sunflower Seeds,” and Father Timothy Joyce’s book, Celtic Quest.Many of John’s poems had their beginning in the dozens of journals John has kept over the years. For the past four years, John has been a Benedictine Oblate affiliated with Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham, Massachusetts. He loves to read, write letters, tramp the Blue Hills, and play pickleball with Kerry, his amazing wife, and mother of their wonderful children: Kate, Danny, and Brian.