Emma Boothroyd

Media Bias: The Implicit Prejudices Controlling Our Technological World
The issue of media bias lies in stereotypes, implicit bias, political bias, inequiities in reporting, and blatant falsehoods to present a particular narrative not necessarily rooted in reality. Engage with this project to learn how to spot fake news and take a quiz on media literacy!!

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Adrianna Davis

Black Teachers Matter
This project analyzes the inadequate education minority students receive from the majority of white teachers. My project includes research on how systemic racism plays a part in the education system and explains the harm that it does to students of color.

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Kate Golden

Abuse of the Mentally Ill
Talks about the history and abuse that the mentally ill endure, how they are neglected today, and what has done to help.

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Catherine Hearn

Sex Assault in the U.S. 
Sexual assault is unfortunately an issue many people continue to face today. Every seventy-three seconds an American is sexually assaulted. My website provides information and ways to help victims of sexual assault.

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Abigail Johnston

Farm Factory Abuse
In my project, I researched the unfair treatment of farm animals in America. The unjust laws and practices affect every person who consumes meat or dairy in the US. I hope to provide information on how we can all improve the way we live.

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Samantha Keane

Gun Violence Impact/Systemic Social Injustice Issue
My social justice project focuses on the impact of gun violence on African Americans, the negative affects it leaves on survivors, families, and communities and the multiple ways people can make a difference to end gun violence.

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Fiona McDonald

Unequal Justice: How Racism has Corrupted the Criminal Justice System in America
My project addresses the racial biases in the criminal justice system, specifically the disproportionate rate at which black people are sentenced to the death penalty compared with their white counterparts. Racial bias derives from the ideologies of racism and white supremacy, both of which feed an undercurrent of implicit racial bias. The death penalty is unequally applied and often flawed (1 in 9 people on death row are innocent) and it must be abolished as it is unjust and against God’s will.

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Kayla McKenna

Ocean Pollution
The ocean makes up over 70% of our planet, and is home to millions of species, but the pollution humans cause is destroying it. See how our actions have impacted the ocean throughout history and learn about what the future of the ocean could look like if our harmful actions continue.

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Shakira Montalvo

Pregnant Behind Bars
My project is about pregnant, incarcerated women and how they do not get the proper medical attention needed to deliver a baby.

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Lisa Patel

Lack of Healthcare in India
This project is about the lack of healthcare that is given to poor people in India. These people do not have enough money for healthcare that they need or even for the transportation to the hospitals. This is a big injustice for the unprivileged in India.

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Elsie Siris

The Cost of a Hamburger
My project encapsulates the wrongful practice of inorganic factory farming in the United States. Many Americans do not understand the impact that animal agriculture has on the environment. American consumerism of beef has led to tons of emissions of greenhouse gases. Learning and understanding the causes and effects of animal agriculture and how it affects our climate is important for humans to realize the impact we have on our future generations.

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