Sydnee Bridges

Systematically Oppressed
Black Americans are underrepresented in white collar fields, but why?

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Melissa Murphy

Eating Healthy. Is it affordable?
For my social justice project, I worked on researching food insecurities within low income families and the limited accessibility of health food. I also researched advertising and how poor advertising can have negative effects on the health of teens and children.

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Lindsay Rene

Race, Wrongful Conviction and Exoneration.
African Americans continue to be discriminated against and because of this they are being wrongfully convicted on crimes they have nothing to do with. I want to do my part to bring justice to innocent men and women who deserve freedom and a chance to be proven right in society.

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Aaliyah Toussaint

Gender-Based Violence
Gender-Based Violence is violence towards women and usually goes unseen, untreated, and unchecked. It is rooted in gender inequality, the abuse of power, and harmful social norms. Women in Africa live in fear of what society can do to them and the power that men and the government have.

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