Isabel Alvarado

The Treatment of Immigrants in Detention Centers
This project focuses on the dehumanization of immigrants in detention centers and about the policies in place that make living in the United States harder for immigrants.

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Bridget Curry

The Injustice of Factory Farming
My project focuses on the injustice of factory farming and the treatment of both animals and workers. My project will shed light on the hidden realities to demonstrate how unethical factory farming truly is.

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Tram Dinh

Education is the Solution
I was taught and I believe that education is freedom. Education is a basic human right that every citizen of any country deserves. Hence, spreading the awareness through this project, I hope to be a part of ending poverty in the near future and together create a better world for the next generation.

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Brianna Dorcely

Ending the Invisibility of the Black Immigrant Community
Black immigrants from the Caribbean, Africa, South America, etc. come to the United States for better opportunities for their families and themselves. They don't receive the support or recognition they deserve when they have worked so hard while going through racism, discrimination, and xenophobia.

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Emily Hutchinson

Disability Discrimination
My project is on disability discrimination in the workplace. For my action plan, I created a flyer answering key questions and giving examples on ways employers can accommodate any employees who may need certain arrangements to do their job.

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Sydney Joseph

Racism Infiltrates the Environment
This project explores and analyzes the injustice of environmental racism - the trend that people of color are more likely to be exposed to environmental hazards in their communities than people living in predominently white neighborhoods.

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Emily Kraunelis

The Neglect Veterans Face When Returning From Deployment
This project addresses the difficulties that veterans face when returning home from deployment. Even though veterans often experience immense hardships both seen and unseen when deployed, many veterans do not receive the treatment or help they need because they have not been educated on the resources available through the Veterans Health Administration.

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Sydney Lunnin

The Lack of Education for Minorities
My social justice topic addresses the disparities in education for minorities, specifically regarding AP courses. I researched the potential biases within private and public education involving minorities and the stereotypes that contribute to the discrimination year after year.

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Kate McDonald

Health Literacy and Healthcare for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community
My project focuses on the lack of health literacy in the deaf and hard of hearing community. The goal of my project is to educate about the roots of ableism, and to address the lack of equitabe healthcare access faced by this community.

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Fiona Roy

Ocean Plastic Pollution
This project analyzes the central causes and effects of oceanic plastic pollution, and how this injustice damages the Earth and all of its living inhabitants.

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Caitlin Sullivan

Human Trafficking as a Social Injustice: Why? Who? How Can We Fix It?
My social justice project focuses on the social injustice of human trafficking. My project focuses on who these victims are, how to identify human trafficking, and how to report human trafficking.

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Katherine Swenson

Food Injustice
This project addresses the injustice of food inequality in America. Families have been increasingly struggling to meet their needs to access nutritious food.

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