Jahnyla Blakely-Wright

The Truth behind Human Trafficking
The cycle of human trafficking has been going on for so long is going to be very tough to end which is why raising awareness is so important.

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Danielle Chin

Hiding in Plain Sight
My project goes into depth about the homeless population in the United States.

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Jacklyn Connor

Discrimination in the Healthcare System
This project will explore the issue of stereotypical and racist mindsets that affect all minorities in the healthcare system by focusing on its origins, how it is still present today, and how to counter the issue.

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Jessica Danilecki

Cannot Afford Justice
The mission of this project is to shed light on to the injustices surrounding innocent lives being taken by the Death Penalty due to under qualified lawyers and inadequate representation for defendants in the states where the death penalty is still legal.

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Krista Finnigan

Injustice within the Foster Care System
This project is about the misconceptions of the foster care system and the children within it, along with breaking the stereotypes that society may have embedded in our heads without us realizing it.

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Minorah Frejuste

The Injustices of Child Marriages
Child marriages take place in many different countries and cultures. It is a prominent issue that is deeply rooted in gender inequality, traditions, and poverty. Children are being deprived of their fundamental rights to health, education, and safety.

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Anna Krasnoslobodtseva

Healthcare No Fair
What is the state of Healthcare in the United States? Learn how the US healthcare system is unfair. Understand the inequalities of the healthcare system specifically for people of color and what you can do to help!

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Baheeja Muntasser

The Uyghur Genocide
An estimated 3 million Uyghurs are held in Nazi-style concentration camps in China for the past 3-4 years. My project explores what is happening in these camps, why Uyghurs are targeted and how we can help.

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Emma O'Neil

The Impact of Race and Socioeconomic Factors on Education
This project looks at how factors such as race and income impact the education received by students across the nation in public schools. The main issues stem from how schools are funded and the legislation surrounding public education.

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Emaya Rainford

How Hate Crimes and Police Brutality Affect the Mental Health of the Black Community
My project talks about how mental health resources are not advocated for the black community after they have seen traumas like police brutality and hate crimes.

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Katelyn Seaver

The Abuse of Veterans in the United States
This project is to help raise awareness for the social injustice of veteran abuse. This site will inform others about the history of veteran abuse. It also talks about the severity that it has on veterans' mental and physical health, and ways in which we can help prevent it.

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Julianne Sheehan

A Cheated Childhood: The Horrors of Child Enslavement
Child Labor and Enslavement is the immoral practice in which children are exploited for the benefit of companies and consumers. Edudate yourself on the issue and find out how you can help.

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Kira Szilva

The "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls" Movement
In both the United States and Canada, Native women are more than twice as likely to fall victim to violent crimes than any other demographic. My interest in this topic stems from the #MMIW movement sparked on Twitter and TikTok, where Native women would share their own stories and cover themselves in red handprints to symbolize their fallen sisters.

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Maggie Walsh

In my project, I researched how social media platforms have a negative affect on body image. I hope to make a change in the lives of young girls who struggle to love their bodies because of harmful trends on social media.

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