There are a number of ways you can choose to support our students. Your charitable gift has a tremendous impact on the educational experience our students receive each day. Below are just a few examples:
  • Make an unrestricted gift to Fontbonne. Unrestricted gifts to Fontbonne provide flexibility to the Head of School and the Board of Trustees to operate the school in the most efficient and effective way. For example, this flexibility helps close the “gap” between tuition ($16,600) and the actual cost of educating each student (approximately $17,000), ensuring that Fontbonne remains affordable to our families. It can also provide resources for innovative and inspired curricular and extra-curricular enhancements that play a role in Fontbonne moving forward.
  • Give a gift of access to an outstanding Fontbonne education. During the 2012-2013 academic year, Fontbonne awarded about $500,000 in tuition assistance. Nearly 30% of those funds were raised through charitable gifts in support of tuition assistance for students. These gifts assure that our students have the opportunity to discover the true reach of their abilities in a Learning Community that is diverse and vibrant, which enhances the educational experience for our students.
  • Establish a named scholarship to benefit our students. Named scholarships at Fontbonne Academy serve two very important purposes. First, they provide financial assistance to students and their families based on financial or merit considerations, or a combination of both. Second, they serve as an opportunity for a donor to honor or memorialize family, friends or loved ones who embody the mission of Fontbonne to promote growth of young women in spirituality, scholarship and leadership in the changing world.
  • Provide leadership support for special projects that improve the school community. Periodically, the Board of Trustees of Fontbonne Academy will authorize special projects designed to enhance the educational experience at Fontbonne. In many cases, these projects are substantially funded through charitable contributions which help reduce Fontbonne’s financial commitment from operations.
  • Contribute goods or professional services. Fontbonne Academy benefits from services offered as a contribution for which we would otherwise have to pay. Printing services, photographic, legal, architectural, engineering, financial—any professional service can be a tremendous source of support for Fontbonne. 
For more information or to learn more on how you can help, please contact Jackie McKenna at 617.615.3047 or

How can you support the students of Fontbonne Academy?

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  • Making a gift to Fontbonne Academy

    The simplest way to give to Fontbonne is by check or credit card.

    We also offer a Monthly Giving Club where members have a specified amount charged to their credit cards. The monthly gift makes it easier for many people to make a larger annual contribution because smaller increments are spread through the year. Please call 617.615.3047 if you would like us to send the monthly giving form.
  • Donating Online

    If you would like to contribute to the Fontbonne Fund, just click here.
  • Mailing a Check

    You may send a check payable to "Fontbonne Academy" to 930 Brook Road, Milton, MA 02186.
  • Matching Gifts

    More than 1,000 companies offer matching gift programs and many provide this benefit to spouses/partners and to retired employees. Most corporate matching gifts are unrestricted and substantially increase the value of the individual's gift. Check with the human resources office at your company to obtain a matching gift form. Complete and mail the form to the Mission Advancement Office, Fontbonne Academy, 930 Brook Road, Milton, MA 02186.
  • Events

    Fontbonne conducts two fundraising events each year to support the academic, athletic, and co-curricular programs at Fontbonne and to provide financial aid to talented young women whose families cannot afford the tuition. 
  • Gifts of Securities

    If you would like to make a stock gift, please make arrangements with your broker about the number of shares you wish to give. Contact the Advancement Office at 617.615.3047 so we can identify and credit your gift when the transfer is made. As a sponsored ministry, Fontbonne’s stock gifts are processed through the Sisters of St. Joseph Finance Office. Fontbonne will notify the Finance Office of your gift. Please let us know the company, number of shares, and present value, if known.
  • Bequests

    Bequests are an important source of annual support and give schools the opportunity to build endowment for the future. This kind of gift is a powerful way to help shape the future of a beloved institution with a larger gift than one could make in his or her lifetime. Your bequest may be for a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or part or all of the residue of your estate after other specific bequests have been paid. The Advancement Office will be happy to discuss options with you, although all arrangements should be made through your attorney or another professional advisor. Please call 617.615.3047 for more information.
  • Sample Bequest Language

    Outright bequests
    The outright bequest is the simplest way to make a gift through your will. "I give Fontbonne Academy, Milton Massachusetts, ____________ dollars." Or "I give Fontbonne Academy, Milton Massachusetts, ______ percent (___%) of my estate.”

    Residual Bequests
    After your loved ones and beneficiaries receive a designated portion of your estate, the remainder of the estate would be left to the school. "All the rest, residue and remainder of my estate, I give to Fontbonne Academy, Milton Massachusetts."

    Contingent Bequests
    The contingent bequest will benefit Fontbonne only if the named beneficiaries predecease you. "I give, devise, and bequeath to ______________, the sum of ____dollars. In the event s/he shall predecease me, I direct this sum be paid to Fontbonne Academy in Milton, Massachusetts."
  • Naming opportunities

    Many donors give to FBA in the name of a loved one. Major gifts of $25,000 or more can be given to provide financial support for a particular program and/or to name a particular space. There are many choices and options. The Advancement Office will be happy to work with you to structure a gift that will accomplish your goals. Please call 617.615.3047.
  • Professional service contributions

    Fontbonne Academy benefits from services offered as a contribution that we would otherwise have to pay for. For example, Fontbonne's brand identity was the contributed work of Cahoots Design in Boston. Printing services, photographic, legal, architectural, engineering, financial—any professional service can be a tremendous source of support for Fontbonne. Please contact the Assistant Head of School for Advancement at 617.615.3047 if you think you may be able to contribute professional work.

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Fontbonne Academy is a private, Catholic college-preparatory day school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Milton, MA. It is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston.

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