There are a wide variety of clubs available for students to choose from for the 2017-2018 school year. Every interest and passion is entertained to satisfy a diverse community of students and offer the best co-curricular program possible. 

If there is something that you're passionate about and want to start a new club, contact Mr. Brian Sullivan, Assistant Head of School for Student Life. New clubs are formed every year!

Fontbonne Organizations & Clubs

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  • Admissions Ambassadors

    Admissions Ambassadors is a program run under the Office of Admissions at Fontbonne Academy. The mission of Admissions Ambassadors is to welcome prospective students and family members to the school in a way that reveals the true Fontbonne Academy community, often through the student experience. By relaying personal stories of their journey to high school and experiences at Fontbonne Academy, Admissions Ambassadors have the unique chance to impact the lives of incoming students in such an important decision - choosing their high school. Some of the functions of Admissions Ambassadors include giving tours, representing Fontbonne Academy at high school fairs, participating in and promoting various Admissions events, engaging admitted incoming students and reaching out to the community at large.
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  • Anime Club

    he Anime Club students learn about Japanese cartoon art and graphic books through viewing examples, interpreting visual and verbal content, and drawing manga themselves. Students relax and enjoy each other’s company as they exchange their knowledge and skills about a non-Western art form.
  • Badminton Club

    The Badminton Club is new to Fonbonne, and grew from a student proposal last Spring. The purpose of this social club, is to allow students an opportunity to come together and have a bit of fun. This club meets in the gymnasium, and is a great not only for regular members, but also for students who want to jump in a game, while waiting to be picked up after school. Students have enjoyed having another option to unwind after a demanding day, and this year the club is set to run with 30 active members.

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  • Cooking Club

    Cooking club is an enjoyable after school activity where students gain culinary skills and satisfy their love for food. The Cooking Club meets monthly, and is a great way for students to unwind and connect outside of class. All students are welcome to participate regardless of skill level! In addition to sharing recipes and learning cooking skills, students in the cooking club discuss related topics such as: kitchen safety, nutrition, seasonal cooking, kitchen cleanliness, portioning, spice pairing.
  • Creative Writing Club

    The Creative Writing Club is open to all students interested in sharing their writing talent and ideas with others. This club meets once each cycle and explores different styles of writing and plot development skills. Students enjoy developing writing challenges for each other as well as providing feedback in a fun and safe environment. Each year the club produces a publication comprised of work from club members and the Fontbonne community. Yearly publication featuring short stories, essays, commentary, art, and poetry written by members of the club and other members of the Fontbonne community. Our publications are available in paperback and online.

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  • Dance Club

    Dance Club is a club where dancers with different backgrounds can come together and bring their love of dance to Fontbonne!   While mainly focusing on jazz and hip hop dances, we are open to trying different genres.  The goal is to improve strength and conditioning, and choreography skills.

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  • Ducks in Action

    The Ducks in Action team is Fontbonne Academy’s chapter of Students In Action, a program sponsored by the Jefferson Awards Foundation that empowers young leaders to create change in the world. Students are encouraged to choose a topic about which they are passionate and design service projects to help the issue. They attend conferences to hone their leadership and public speaking skills throughout the school year. At the end of the year students present their project in a regional competition with the chance to travel to Washington, D.C. if crowned winners. Fontbonne Academy competed in the Eastern MA regional Students in Action Competition in 2016, and were the region’s first winners.

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  • Entrepreneurship Program

    The Entrepreneurship Program, in partnership with Babson College, delivers business curriculum to Fontbonne students. Throughout the program students engage with Babson students to develop entrepreneurial skills like “pitching”. Working in small groups, students create business plans for competitions in the Fontbonne community, and region.
  • Film Club

    The Film Club meet twice a month to view, discuss, and enjoy films from a variety of genres. Student leaders are responsible for facilitating discussion based on the films viewed, and film selection. This club is a great opportunity to relax and connect with peers who have a shared love for film.

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  • Fontbonne Academy Tutors

    An important component of the Fontbonne mission is to care for the dear neighbor without distinction. The academy tutor program does just that through a one-on-one tutoring program offered to the students at Saint Agatha’s School. Academy Tutors are regularly available to support the academic needs of primary school students in Math, Science, English, and Latin.

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  • French Honor Society

    La Société Honoraire de Français de l’Académie Fontbonne, also known as The French Honor Society, was founded at Fontbonne Academy in 2004. The Society recognizes Fontbonne students’ high achievement in the study of the French language, and provides an outlet for top students to share French language and culture with the wider school community. To be eligible for our chapter, a student must have achieved the required grade in honors or college preparatory French courses and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better for three consecutive semesters. In addition, a student must have given evidence of character, leadership, seriousness of purpose, and service commitment.

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  • Good Fountain Players

    The Good Fountain Players is the Fontbonne Academy drama club, established in 1980. Known for its annual fall and spring productions, its’ name is derived from the translation of the French words font bonne. “good fountain.” The Good Fountain Players is a group of students dedicated to the performing arts. Each show holds an open tryout welcoming participants from grades 9-12. The club welcomes all interested students to participate in cast, crew, and house management.

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    Fall Play:
    “A Christmas Carol”

    Spring Musical:
    “Mary Poppins”
  • Gospel Choir

    Gospel Choir is a student run club at Fontbonne Academy in which students are given the opportunity to sing and perform at liturgies and other events such as Spirit Day, NHS Coffee House, and international festival. All students are welcome to participate in Gospel Choir regardless of previous musical experience. Gospel meets once a week for an hour to learn and rehearse songs for upcoming performances.

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  • International Cultural Club

    The International Cultural Club celebrates many cultures from around the world. Members take pride in embracing cultural diversity and giving back to the community, as well as sharing the traditions of their ethnic backgrounds. Each year, the club sponsors an International Festival featuring dances, songs, poetry, and a fashion show of traditional costumes from around the world. This celebration is open to the public, and proceeds are donated to charity. Following the performance, international food is served. All are welcome.
  • Latin Honor Society

    As members of both the American Junior Classical League and the Mass Junior Classical League, students are dedicated to celebrating the language, literature, and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome.  We hold events that enrich Latin students’ understanding of the ancient world and encourage interest in the Classics.

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  • Medical Health Club

    The Medical Health Club offers students the opportunity to learn about the medical profession. Members of the club are provided with life saving and beneficial care skills, knowledge of what medical school and the medical profession are like, and an education on what to do when they or someone else is in need of medical attention. Students will be informed if there are lifeguard certification opportunities if that is of interest of the students.

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  • Model UN

    Model UN members practice their presentation and debating skills while learning about other cultures and key global issues.  By delving into their roles as diplomats to the U.N., students gain a hands-on understanding of the intricacies of world diplomacy.  New members receive help and instruction from the club officers when they join so that they can fully enjoy the Model UN experience.  Students also have opportunities to attend conferences outside of school at other high schools throughout the year where they sharpen their skills and knowledge and meet peers in other Model UN clubs.
  • National Honor Society

    The National Honor Society was established in 1921 to recognize and foster academic achievement while developing the characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy. Scholarship, character, service and leadership are ideals that remain as relevant today as they were in 1921. The Fontbonne chapter of the National Honor Society expects members to uphold these ideals and live the mission of Fontbonne. NHS serves the learning community through peer tutoring, fundraising for AP exams, and hosting coffeehouse. NHS also serves the Sisters of St. Joseph through visits and card writing and Brookview House in Dorchester through mentoring young girls in their program.   Beginning with the Class of 2020, to be eligible for membership to the chapter as a junior, the candidate must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 at the end of sophomore year. To be eligible for membership to the chapter as a senior, the candidate must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 by the end of the junior year. The previous minimum cumulative GPA requirement for candidates was 3.33 and continues to apply to Classes of 2018 and 2019. Candidates must also have completed their service requirement for all previous years.  Through the application process, candidates must demonstrate outstanding character, leadership, and service.
  • Peer Education

    The Peer Educators are a student group at Fontbonne that support the community through mediation, and hosting educational events. All Junior and Senior Peer Educators are trained as peer mediators. These students work throughout the year responding to peer mediation requests made by administrators, teachers, and students themselves. They work to help resolve conflicts between students and friends.Through work with the 9th grade homerooms and guidance classes, Peer Educators run lessons centered around teen issues including topics such as: peer mediation, handling teacher conflicts, healthy relationships, bullying and harassment, peer pressure and social media. Peer Educators also work to educate the entire student population on many issues such as the dangers of texting and driving and standing up to bullying. They run school-wide programs such as “Love Your Body Week,” a program designed to raise awareness about issues surrounding body-image in our culture today.

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  • Peer Mentors

    All 10th Grade Peer Mentors work with the 9th grade students in homeroom. Their purpose is to get to know the students and foster a sense inclusiveness within the school community. The mentors encourage students to get involved in extracurricular activities and act as a resource for the Freshwomen. The mentors will help all Freshwomen with adjusting to school by being a good friend to the students.   

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  • Peer Ministry - The Dear Neighborhood

    The Dear Neighborhood is made up of juniors and seniors and are  selected by application in the spring. These leaders are responsible for creating and shaping the programs that nurture the spiritual growth of our entire Fontbonne Academy community.  This includes planning and coordinating our school liturgies, prayer services, community service projects, as well as grounding our community in prayer throughout the year.  Through their words and actions, the Dear Neighborhood serves as examples of authentic faith for the Fontbonne Academy community.  

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  • Photography Club

    The Photography Club is the perfect place for students who have an interest in photography and graphic design. This club has been designed to accommodate both accomplished photographers as well as students new to the hobby. The goal of this club to enhance current skills and explore ways to better use cameras (from iPhone to digital SLR’s), lighting, and space.

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  • Retreat Leaders

    Fontbonne Retreat Leaders are selected at the end of their sophomore year to plan and lead retreats for students within our community.  They prepare for the various class retreats and serve as small group leaders on retreats.  They also offer individual support to their peers.
  • Sewing Club

    The Fontbonne Sewing Club is a wonderful experience for those wanting to learn how to sew and obtain experiences as seamstresses. Students learn the basics but also more advanced techniques while keeping a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. Projects include: tote bags, waist and full aprons, simple skirts, tops, jewelry rolls, and drawstring bags. We also help with costuming the fall plays and spring musicals.
  • Ski Club

    The Ski Club is a group of students ranging in skill level from first timers in lessons through experts. The Fontbonne Ski Club partners with Blue Hills to offer a weekly ski program that include lessons, rentals, free skiing or and mix of the three. We ski on Friday evenings throughout the winter, and are always looking for more members!

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  • Spanish National Honor Society

    The Spanish National Honor Society is a national organization that was founded in 1953 to recognize the high achievement in Spanish by students in secondary schools. To be eligible for our chapter, a student must have achieved the required grade in honors or college preparatory Spanish courses and an overall GPA of 3.0 or better for three consecutive semesters. In addition, a student must have given evidence of character, leadership, seriousness of purpose, and service commitment.
  • Spirit Committee

    The Spirit Committee was formed to strengthen and enhance the "spirit" of Fontbonne Academy. The members are chosen by their homeroom teachers. Each year the spirit committee works to enhance the Fontbonne community through fun programing for students and faculty. The Spirit Committee sponsors activities for Halloween, Spirit Day, Christmas, Evening of Stars, tournament athletic events and Catholic Schools Week among others.

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  • STEM

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Club exists for Fontbonne students to pursue extracurricular interest in sciences and mathematics.  Members of STEM Club explore topics not typically covered in traditional science classes, and are offered the opportunity to compete in regional and national science olympiads. Our STEM Club partners with Wentworth Institute of Technology on our new Robotics Program. Faculty from Wentworth Institute of Technology come to Fontbonne’s campus to work with members of the STEM Club.

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  • Student Council

    Student Council is a group of elected student representatives and officers from the four levels of the student body. As a vital student organization, it seeks to establish and maintain a medium for exchanging ideas helpful to high school students and for promoting the growth of student participation in the school administration. To represent the students of the school and to provide a vehicle for service to the school community, the Student Council is involved in many kinds of projects. These include sponsoring school dances, dinners, Big Sister/Little Sister and other Fontbonne special activities that provide experience in leadership, organization, planning, and procedures for working within a system.

    Student Council also cooperates in joint projects with Office of Mission & Ministry, the Institutional School Advancement Office, and other school organizations, acting as a support group for the entire school. Leadership training is provided for all members of Student Council, and through weekly participation members gain a facility in planning and conducting effective meetings.
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  • Student Union of Minorities (SUM)

    SUM is an inclusive group where Fontbonne students have a platform to discuss their experiences as minorities and educate our school community on issues of importance. Each year discussions and topics discussed by the SUM club relate to the current social climate.

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  • Yearbook

    Fontbonne Academy welcomes all members of our student learning community, in grades 9-12,  to participate as contributing staff editors on the yearbook committee. The goals of our committee are to creatively design and facilitate all aspects of the yearbook as determined by the opinions of the staff, the co-editors, and the coordinator. Yearbook sections are determined by the team, and each yearbook staff member is assigned a section or sections to organize, design, proofread, and submit. Staff work both independently and collaboratively. The creation of the yearbook relies heavily on all members working together to meet strict deadlines as determined by the Yearbook Coordinator in conjunction with communication with our publisher.

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