It’s all about the girls! We knew it all along and the research supports us! All-girls schools offer a powerful and transformational experience. A 2009 UCLA Higher Education Research Institute study confirms that graduates of all-girls Catholic schools perform better on the SAT and arrive at college more confident of their math and computer skills, more interested in engineering and academic subjects, and more socially and politically engaged.

At Fontbonne Academy it is and always has been all about the girls. From classroom to athletic field, to the stage or the one-to-one tutorial, each young woman gains courage, confidence, wisdom and grace as she becomes a Fontbonne woman. Our young women are empowered by the faculty and each other. Without boys in the classroom, they are more willing to take risks, speak up, listen, and excel. They experience the freedom of being their true selves and forge lifelong friendships.

Girls learn differently from boys: it’s as simple as that. For generations, Fontbonne Academy has specialized in the ways girls learn. That is why our math, health, fitness, and science programs are different. At Fontbonne, every opportunity is given to the girls; they are the role models and leaders of the school.

It is no wonder that college professors often say they can spot a young woman from an all-girls school right away—they are the ones willing to speak up and go the distance.

The Girls' School Advantage: By the Numbers

Why a Girls School?

“Girls' schools create a culture of achievement in which academic progress is of great importance, and the discovery and development of a girls' individual potential is paramount.”
Fontbonne Academy is a private, Catholic college-preparatory day school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Milton, MA. It is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston.

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