Fontbonne Academy strives to deliver a challenging academic program in a caring atmosphere, designed so that students can mature academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally. 

Graduation Requirements & Grading Policies

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  • Graduation Requirements

    Graduation requires a total of 25.5 credits beginning in Grade 9. A credit is a year's work in a subject meeting 6, 7, or 8 times in a cycle accompanied by home assignments. In addition, over four years students are required to complete one hundred hours (25 hours per year) of service outside of school to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • Academic Requirements

    Theology: 4 credits
    Global History: 1 credit
    English (1 in U.S. Literature): 4 credits
    U.S. History: 2 credits
    Mathematics: 3 credits
    Science (Physical Science & Biology): 3 credits
    World Language (same language): 3 credits
    Physical Education: 1 credit
    Health: 0.5 credit
    Fine Arts: 1 credit
    Electives: 3 credits
  • Service Requirement

    Fontbonne Academy implemented a service program in 1996 to give students an opportunity to learn more about their faith, to put their faith into action by working for justice in our world, and to reflect on their experiences. The Office of Mission & Ministry oversees the service program.
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  • Academic Grading

    Report cards are issued four times a year, using letter grades which have been determined from a numeric average.

    In addition to the College Preparatory courses offered, Advanced Placement and Honors courses are offered in some subjects. The following chart indicates the Quality Points received:
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  • Online Grades

    Grades will be available online.

    Note: You will need a student name and password to view grade information. This information will be given to each student.
Fontbonne Academy is a private, Catholic college-preparatory day school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Milton, MA. It is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston.

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