Our Mission

Fontbonne Academy, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston, is a Catholic, college preparatory high school for young women. Fontbonne Academy fosters Gospel values and educational excellence. This inclusive community embraces diversity in many forms. Through the values of respect, responsibility, reconciliation and reverence, Fontbonne Academy promotes growth in spirituality, scholarship, and leadership of young women in the changing world.

Therefore, Fontbonne Academy:
  • Offers the opportunity for all students to have a spiritual experience in education that opens them to the Catholic heritage of the search for God and the expression of faith through concern for the dear neighbor.
  • Empowers students to claim their identity and voice as women and develop qualities of leadership that they may live fully, courageously, and healthfully in a challenging world.
  • Promotes a safe, diverse learning environment which welcomes students of all faiths, fosters intellectual openness and social connection, and prepares students to become active, participatory citizens of the world.
  • Cultivates an atmosphere of academic integrity and high expectation and instills a work ethic that encourages students to be self-directed, active participants in their learning.
  • Provides high caliber instruction and attentive individualized academic support that allows students to discover the true reach of their abilities.
  • Enables students to integrate learning in ways that derive from and apply to real world contexts.
  • Prepares students for higher learning with 21st century skills and knowledge to support high academic achievement in a college curriculum.

A Fontbonne Education

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  • Academics

    Academic excellence is both the standard of accomplishment and the outcome of each student’s time at Fontbonne Academy—academic excellence as measured by her reach and her grasp. Fontbonne admits students with a range of demonstrated academic ability with promise of achievement in a rigorous college preparatory program. Honors classes, AP classes, and individual study opportunities create a rising ladder of academically challenging course offerings.

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  • Spirituality, Service, and Social Justice

    Spiritual life at Fontbonne is about developing a relationship with God and all creation that fosters moral intelligence and the search for the sacred. Consciousness of the interrelationships of all living things, our shared destiny as part of God’s creation, shapes our sense of justice and service.
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  • Co-curricular Offerings

    Fontbonne offers a strong athletic program of individual and team sports and a wide range of clubs and activities. Co-curricular programs offer important ways for young women to develop leadership skills, team work, and growing expertise and facility in their chosen pursuits. These programs are a means of self-discovery essential to the developing young woman.

Fontbonne's History

Founded in 1954, the academy takes its name from Mother St. John Fontbonne, a woman of courage who re-established the Sisters of Saint Joseph in France after its suppression during the French Revolution. Under her leadership, the first Sisters came to the United States. In Boston, the congregation taught in archdioscesan parochial schools, and also founded and conducted its own ministries, of which Fontbonne is one. As a sponsored ministry, Fontbonne Academy furthers the Sisters' charism--a direct outgrowth of the order's experience in revolutionary France-- of reconciliation, unity and non-violence in the school's academic programs, spirituality, and co-curricular activities. For six decades, Fontbonne has educated thousands of young women who are now sending daughters and granddaughters to experience the special intellectual, social, and spiritual opportunities a Fontbonne education affords.
Fontbonne Academy is a private, Catholic college-preparatory day school for girls in grades 9 through 12, located in Milton, MA. It is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston.

Fontbonne Academy

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