Fontbonne Student Grows Her Leadership Skills with the Ron Burton Training Village

The pandemic is not stopping Cecilie Elie '22 from growing her leadership skills and exploring her passions outside of Fontbonne. Cecilie takes part in the incredible program at the Ron Burton Training Village. As a member of their new girls STEM program, she recently had the opportunity to meet various leaders in our community. Earlier this month, she met with Dr. Mallika Marshall and Mrs. Anaridis Rodriquez, of WBZ-TV 4, CBS Boston. "We discussed my interest in broadcast journalism and I got to hear about their journeys into journalism," said Cecilie. "I have had the privilege of taking on multiple leadership roles at RBTV. The Ron Burton Training Village works in parallel with Fontbonne Academy to build young women like me up to become strong future leaders.

Cecilie shares more with us about the Ron Burton Training Village:

"It was started by Ron Burton, Sr. and his family. Mr. Burton was the first New England Patriot ever drafted. He understood it was his faith, integrity, and hard work that helped him succeed even more than his physical training. For this reason, the Ron Burton Training Village program leans heavily on character, leadership, and academics. One of the goals of the program is to ensure that college opportunities are readily available to each camper as they graduate from high school."