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Please check back often as we will be posting updates here regarding COVID-19 informaition.

April 24, 2020

The final word from the MIAA on the spring season. Fontbonne is so proud of all of our Senior athletes. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment the past four years. You are resilient and this difficult time will only make you stronger.


april 21, 2020

In accordance with Governor Baker's mandate, Fontbonne will continue with Distance Learning for the remainder of this school year. The school building may be closed, but our community is NOT.  The Fontbonne administration will continue to work tirelessly for our students.  We will work to ensure special events for the Class of 2020 will be held in alternative forms.  We WILL celebrate our Seniors and all of their hard work.  More details will be communicated in the days ahead.  Stay safe and be well!

April 3, 2020

Holy Week Schedule
Next week is Holy Week.  Students will have classes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only(2020 Distance Learning Schedule). There will be no classes on Thursday and Friday in celebration of the Easter Triduum. It is important all students are reporting to all of their classes throughout the day. If a student is going to be absent, we ask you to please call your daughter in sick through our attendance line at 617-696-3241 as well as email Ms. Beauport.

April Vacation
Fontbonne will honor April Vacation.  The students and adults have transitioned to Distance Learning seamlessly without missing any time. We feel April Vacation is important; for families to be together, for students to regroup, for both adults and students to have less screen time. We want our students to use this time to catch up on long-term assignments, spend time outside enjoying nature (while social distancing of course!) and doing projects they love. 

AP Exams
The AP Program has announced new dates for the AP Exam Administration. The AP exams will be offered from May 11, 2020 - May 22, 2020. Your daughter’s teachers and counselors will be working with you on AP fee collection and the schedule of the AP exams for your daughter’s particular courses. Parents and students can access information regarding the SAT and AP through this website.

Financial Aid Deadline
Our Financial Aid Deadline for all families in Grades 9-11 is this coming Monday, April 6, 2020. We understand this pandemic will potentially have a financial impact on our families. Please reach out to Ms. Carrie Pendleton if you need any adjustments made to your current FACTS account for the remaining 2019-20 tuition payments.  

MARCH 31, 2020

March 27, 2020

Workouts For Spring Sport Athletes During
COVID-19 Pandemic

Golf Workout         Lacrosse Workout        Softball Workout

Tennis Workout        Track & Field Workout

March 26, 2020

In accordance with Governor Baker's order, Fontbonne will continue Distance Learning through Monday, May 4, 2020. We will stay the course and follow our 2020 Distance Learning Schedule for the next 5 weeks. 

Please reach out to Mrs. Spignesi if your family is in need of WiFi services. We have already worked to help some of our families secure an internet connection at home. We are here to help! Also, if any student needs items from their locker, please email Ms. Roach.  We will connect with you individually and ensure you get what you need. 

Update on the Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 Grading Policies
We have been in transition to Distance Learning during these last weeks of Quarter 3. The focus of these past two weeks has been on that successful adjustment. In order to have a more equitable assessment of student work, we are making the following change to our grading period:

  • As we do for seniors, we will issue a combined Quarter 3/4 grade to be calculated with final exams in generating a Semester 2 grade.
  • We will post Interim Reports in PlusPortals on Tuesday, March 31, 2020; the day Quarter 3 would have ended.
  • We will post another Interim Report on Tuesday, May 12, 2020 as we have scheduled in our calendar.

You may have some questions regarding this change from a Quarter 3 and Quarter 4 grade to a semester grade report. We hope that we have anticipated your questions and concerns below. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions.

What will happen with the Quarter 3 Honor Roll? 
We will not be issuing a Quarter 3 Honor Roll. We will issue one for combined Quarters 3/4 in June.  

Will this look bad in a college application? 
No, since colleges see only final year averages on the transcript along with Quarter 1 and Semester 1 grades from Senior year. Only students and parents see Grade 9-11 Quarter grades on report cards. Report cards are not sent to colleges. Since the whole country is in this predicament, we have also been notified by Admissions officers at colleges and universities that they are aware of the challenges high school students are facing and they will be flexible when reviewing transcripts and standardized testing.

Update on SAT Administration
As you know, the College Board has canceled the March and May SAT administration. When we return to school for classes, we will know if and when we will be able to offer the school-based SAT testing that was originally planned.

Update on the AP Exams
The AP exam dates in May 2020 have been canceled. For this year only, students can take a 45-minute online exam at home. Specific dates will be announced on Friday, April 3, 2020.

Students and schools now have access to free, live AP review lessons, delivered by AP teachers from across the country. The lessons will focus on reviewing the skills and concepts from the first 75% of the course.  

Parents and students can access information regarding the SAT and AP through this website

Update on Financial Aid Deadline
We are extending this year’s Financial Aid deadline for all families in Grades 9-11 to Monday, April 6, 2020. Due to the change in date for filing 2019 tax returns, we are making adjustments to our Financial Aid requirements.  We will accept the 2018 tax return and copies of any 2019 W-2 forms for now. FACTS will continue to list the application as incomplete until the 2019 tax returns are received but the Financial Aid Committee will use the 2018 tax returns for their application review. All awards will be contingent upon final verification of the 2019 tax returns. We know this pandemic will possibly have a financial impact on our families. Please list the details about the impact of current events on future income in the extenuating circumstances section of the FACTS application. You may also submit a separate letter addressed to the Financial Aid Committee.  

Class of 2020
As we look to the end of this school year, we know this pandemic has particularly affected the Class of 2020. Senior year is a very special time in the life of high school students and we know our seniors were eagerly awaiting such events like the Social Justice Fair, Senior Breakfast, Last day of Classes, etc . Our seniors and their families undoubtedly have questions about these events, especially graduation. As you know, we are in a situation that seems to be changing weekly. Currently, our plan is to host all senior events when we return to school in May as scheduled. We know we need to wait and see if the Governor lifts the social distancing ban. Graduation is scheduled to be held on Thursday, May 21, 2020. If our Graduation cannot be held on that date, all efforts will be made to reschedule Graduation for a later date. It is of utmost IMPORTANCE that our Class of 2020 is honored and celebrated.


March 21, 2020

Thank you to all of our students and dedicated staff for a successful first week of Distance Learning.  This time of transition has been challenging for all of us. The administration has heard all of the feedback from school counselors, teachers and students.  As a result we are making changes to improve our Distance Learning plan.  

Our new weekly schedules will be implemented on Monday, March 23rd.
You will find all of the details in this LETTER from our Head of School. Be well and stay safe!



March 16, 2020

As we prepare for distance learning beginning tomorrow Tuesday March 17, 2020, we have received questions from a number of students and parents.  We have tried to answer many of these below.

School Attendance
If a student needs to be absent for the day and unable to participate in distance learning, a parent will email Ms. Beauport at gbeauport@fontbonneboston.org AND call the main office line 617-696-3241 and leave a message in the attendance voicemail box. 

Student Attendance in Classes
Students will receive a link to an attendance google form on each teacher’s PlusPortals page which they will complete at the start of every class period.   

Ninth and Tenth graders who are scheduled to sign into the Academic Success Center or the Library for unscheduled periods, do not need to sign in anywhere while we work remotely. 

Teachers and School Counselors may make individual appointments with you and will communicate with you directly on how to connect with them.  All students should sign in to their counseling seminar class. 

Ms. Donelin and subject tutors will be available from 2:30pm - 4:00pm via email everyday to work with the Academic Success Program Students. 

Chromebook/Laptop Device
All students need to have their Chromebook or laptop charged everyday and are expected to log on to PlusPortals.  If there is a live class scheduled via Google Hangouts/Meet, students are expected to dress appropriately. Uniforms are not required.  Live classes will be recorded to ensure any students who need to be absent can access the material presented. 

Social Engagement
Please respect one another and do not meet in person in small or large groups.  We encourage you to communicate via phone calls, Facetime, and Hangouts in order to support one another and to socialize appropriately with your friends.  This is important during this time. While your age group has been described as less likely to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms, you may be carriers of the disease and pass germs to your loved ones.

Online Acceptable Use
Online classes, like all classes at Fontbonne, abide by the rules of our Acceptable Use Policy and our student handbook.  It is essential that each student maintain that respectful approach in all interactions online as well. 

Remote Learning Schedule for Classes
Please follow the letter day that is printed in your planners.  We did make slight adjustments to the time each class is meeting.  

Period 1 8:00- 8:40

Period 2 8:50- 9:30

Period 3 9:40-10:20

Period 4 10:30-11:10

Period 5 11:20-12:20

Period 6 1:00-1:40

Period 7 1:50-2:30

Students do not need to sign out at the end of the day while we work remotely.   If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. 


March 15, 2020

In accordance with Governor Charlie Baker’s order for social distancing and school closing,  Fontbonne will continue distance learning through Tuesday, April 7th. This evening, the Governor ordered the shutdown of ALL schools in Massachusetts for three weeks, beginning this Tuesday, March 17th. Tomorrow Monday, March 16th between the hours of 8am-3pm, Fontbonne school building will be open if any student needs to pick up necessary materials left inside the building. Our plan remains in place to shift to distance learning this coming Tuesday, March 17th. We are confident this emergency virtual teaching plan ensures academic operations continue successfully during this time period. 

March 15th, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution regarding the COVID-19 pandemic Fontbonne has taken immediate action to protect our community and mitigate the spread of this disease. Fontbonne has shifted to virtual learning. This campus closure impacts ALL activities including academic, mission and ministry, as well as co-curricular activities, and athletic events. Please note we do not have ANY confirmed or suspected cases in our community at this time.

An Administrator will be on campus tomorrow, March 16th between 8am-3pm for any students who need to pick up necessary materials that remain at school.

Our plan for distance learning was communicated to parents and students via email along with a message from the Head of School. You will find both documents below. Please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the staff if you have any questions during this uncertain time. Be well and stay healthy!

Distance Learning Plan

Fontbonne Closure - Head of School Message



Centers For Disease Control & Prevention

Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health