Nina has worked to open the doors of government to every resident ensuring that their voices and concerns are heard.

Nina Liang was just 27 years old when she was first elected Councillor-At-Large in the City of Quincy. Nina was re-elected to this position again in 2018. A child of immigrants, Nina has experienced first-hand the challenges minority children and families face. As a Councillor-At-Large, Nina has worked tirelessly to open the doors of government to every Quincy resident, ensuring every voice and concern is heard.

Nina is an alumna from the class of 2006. She is also a lifelong resident of Quincy and the first Chinese-American City Councillor elected in her hometown. Nina grew up in North Quincy and worked with her family to run a small business and operate several restaurants. She is a real Quincy girl.

After graduating from Fontbonne Academy, Nina moved to New York where she studied International Business at Hofstra University and worked at State Farm Insurance. 

Nina co-founded the Quincy Women's Network and is involved with a number of other community organizations including Father Bill's, South Shore YMCA, and Quincy Community Action Programs. Nina understands that it takes collaborative efforts among our local organizations, civic associations, businesses and public service facilities to better address the needs of Quincy’s diverse population.

Nina also has the experience and perspective of a small business owner, helping to create jobs and opportunity locally, having worked as the office manager and in operations for her family's restaurant group.

A child of immigrants, Nina has experienced first-hand the challenges minority children and families face. Over the years, she has had the opportunity to be a part of community organizations that work to expand services to everyone in the city and those dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and families new to the language and customs of American culture.  

Since 2015 (Nina was re-elected in 2018), Nina has had the privilege of serving as Councillor-At-Large for her hometown. She works on behalf of all Quincy residents, and she has made it her mission to make government more accessible and transparent to Quincy's residents. 

Nina currently serves on the boards of D.O.V.E., Maria Droste Counseling Services, Thomas Crane Public Library Foundation, and the Massachusetts Asian-American Commission.

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