The girl knows she’s different. Her Middle School friends talk about finding boyfriends at the public high school, or playing in the new gym at the nearby all-girl school. Her dreams are bigger. There is a school near Boston with an unusual name. She shadows there. The teachers engage her. The boldness of students’ ideas inspire her. The culture amazes her. While she hopes her friends find those boyfriends, the girl realizes she’s found something far better. She’s found her future.

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Fall Athletic Coaches

Felisha Grant '08:
Katie Porter:

Cross Country
Abby Young

Varsity Soccer
Paul Piotrowicz
Katey Dowling:

JV Soccer
Callie Cabral:

Varsity Volleyball
Sheila Simon '07:

JV Volleyball
Maria Devine:

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Winter Athletic Coaches

Varsity Basketball
Clare Murphy '87:
Callie Cabral:

JV Basketball
Kayla Odegaard:

Ice Hockey
Kelsey Finn '06:

Indoor Track
Maria Devine:
Melissa McDonough:

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Spring Athletic Coaches

Jamie Simon:

Michael Merritt:

Track & Field
Steve Wilson:

Dana Smith: