Welcome, welcome, welcome.

We warmly welcome families seeking a new high school experience for their 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade daughters. Essential to our school’s mission is the Dear Neighbor, and our accepting culture is ideal for families new to the area or simply looking for a new environment for their student.


Application Requirements

The application process for Transfer Students to Fontbonne has three major steps:

  1. Application: Our application is an online application using the Ravenna application portal.  To set up your account and begin the application, please click on the gold APPLY button on the right of the screen. 
  2. Teacher Recommendation & Transcript Release: All candidates must submit two teacher recommendations and an official transcript. Please use the Teacher Recommendation request and the Transcript Release form provided in the Ravenna application portal.  
  3. Student Interview: All transfer applicants will meet individually with a member of our admissions team.  

As always, please contact our admissions team at any time with any questions.