Thank you for joining us on the first day of our Social Justice Fair.  We invite you to pray with us before you begin viewing today's projects.  Senior Jennifer Hegarty is leading us in prayer today. 

Student: Grace Barrett
Title: The Organ Shortage Crisis In America

Synopsis: This PSA is meant to educate people on the Organ Shortage Crisis and the injustice it causes for individuals awaiting an organ transplant.

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Student: Maddie Chrisom
Topic: Rehab Resources For Drug Addicts

Synopsis: My project focused on the injustices with rehab resources for drug addicts and what needs to be done to end the injustice.

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Student: Sara Cole
Topic: Mental Health Matters, But Age Does Not

Synopsis: Focuses on the lack of resources and education provided for elementary school aged children in the school system today.

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Student: Sarah Connelly
Topic: The Use of EBT Cards In Grocery Stores

Synopsis: I researched the history of food assistance and what worked or didn't. I used the social justice themes to explain why this issue is unjust.

Click here to view Sarah's full project.


Student: Gabrielle Dedier
Topic: The Modern Slavery

Synopsis: This project analyzes the main factors that have formed the injustice of high black incarceration rates: history, the law, and the media.

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Student: Clarissa Garzon
Title: Healthcare or Healthprofit?

Synopsis: There is a clear health disparity in the U.S. healthcare system. It is inequitable, driven by profit, and harms individuals and families.

Click here to view Clarissa's full project.


Student: Alyssa Gonzalez
Topic: Insulin Inflation

Synopsis: I focused on the issue of over inflated insulin prices in the US. As a diabetic, I have seen the effects making me a stronger activist

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Click here to view the Insulin Inflation Instagram account.


Student: Daneev Imbert
Topic: Discrimination of Trans People of Color

Synopsis: Colored transgender people receive more discrimination than white transgenders in the workplace, society, and school.

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Student: Hanna Jane Kilduff
Topic: Feeding Us Lies

Synopsis: My Social Justice Project focuses on the corruption and inhumane practices that take place within the factory farming industry.

Click to here to view Hanna Jane's full project.


Student: Meghan Stravin
Title: Malnutrition in Impoverished Areas

Synopsis: Malnutrition is a prevalent issue around the world that can affect anyone. In fact 1 out of 6 people are food insecure.

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Student: Lauren Williamson
Title: The Injustice Families Place Under SNAP

Synopsis: These low income families face an injustice do not receive an adequate amount each month from SNAP in order to purchase nutritious foods.

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Student: Elise Wolk
Title: Disabilities in the Workplace

Synopsis: The topic is the lack of support for American adults with physical disabilities in the workplace. This ties into transportation issues too.

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